ZeroBaseOne’s debut album breaks records with sales of over 1,000,000 copies

ZeroBaseOne has dominated the music industry with their debut album, which sold over 1 million copies in only a few weeks. Titled “Uncharted Frequencies,” The album’s innovative sound and boundary pushing tracks have captivated audiences worldwide. ZeroBaseOne, with their unique blends of pulsating sounds, ethereal tunes and thought provoking lyrics, has broken records and made waves in an industry which struggles to find unique and fresh talent. Their ability to reach a wide range of audiences through their music is testament to their artistic vision and genius.

ZeroBaseOne’s debut is not only testament to the band’s talent but also a reflection of a rapidly evolving music business. It is an impressive achievement to have such high sales in a time when physical album sales are drastically down. The changing music industry is reflected in their ability to use digital platforms and social networks to promote their work. ZeroBaseOne is one of the most promising bands of this generation. They continue to push boundaries while exploring new sonic territories.


Boy band ZeroBaseOne, also known as ZB1, pose during their debut showcase at Yes24 Live Hall in eastern Seoul's Gwangjin District on Monday. The band is comprised of the top nine finalists of Mnet's hit audition show

ZB1 (also known as ZeroBaseOne) poses during their debut show at Yes24 Live Hall, located in Gwangjin District in the eastern part of Seoul. The band consists of nine of Mnet’s top finalists in the hit audition show “Boys Planet”.” which ended in April. Before even making its official debut, ZeroBaseOne sold over a million copies of its first EP “The preorders of “Youth in Shade” set a new record in K-pop for a debuting act. It’s the first K-pop artist to sell a million copies with their first release. [WAKEONE]

ZeroBaseOne, a boy band from the United States, became the first Kpop group to sell over one million copies of its debut album. This is yet another record. 
The debut EP. “Youth in the Shade,” WakeOne, the agency for the band, said that the album sold 1,24 million copies in its first day.  
ZeroBaseOne set records even before its official debut. ZeroBaseOne’s Instagram page reached a 1 million-follower milestone in six days. Its debut EP sold over one million copies, which is a Kpop debut record.  
Lead track “In Bloom” WakeOne reported that the EP’s five other tracks also reached the top of the Korean music streaming charts in real time.  
ZeroBaseOne — also stylized as ZB1 — is a project group formed through cable network Mnet’s audition program, “Boys Planet.” The group consists nine members: Zhang Hao (leader), Sung Han Bin, Seok Matthew (second), Ricky, Park Gun Wook, Kim Tae Rae, Kim Gyu Vin, Kim Ji-woong, and Han Yu Jin.  
Each of the members were contestants under different Kpop agencies at the time they appeared on the program. ZeroBaseOne, as a project-group, will be managed until January 2026 by WakeOne. The members will then return to their respective managers.
WakeOne released a statement on Tuesday saying that member Kim Gyuvin was recovering from nausea he felt Monday. He visited a physician for an exam.
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