Zenless Zone Zero codes and how to redeem

July 19, 2024: We added a new code to the list.

Zenless Zone Zero codes are one of the best ways to get free Polychrome for pulling new characters in miHoYo’s latest action game. Sure, you’ll get plenty by playing the game at launch, but it’ll start to dry up pretty fast once you explore all the areas and complete the one-time achievements and goals in your Primer. You can do daily errands or events to get more, but you can also redeem ZZZ codes as they come for a little extra.

As with Genshin Impact and Honkai: Star Rail, we can also expect Zenless Zone Zero livestream codes with each new version of the game—a great way to supplement the Polychrome and Master Tapes that you’re squirreling away to acquire any new characters soon to release. 

Here I’ll run through all currently active Zenless Zone Zero codes, plus include details for how to redeem them down below. Since I’ll be checking this list regularly, I’ll remove any expired codes when I do, plus add any new ones.

Zenless Zone Zero codes

  • ZZZHOYOLAB – 10,000 Dennies and three Official Investigator Logs (NEW)
  • KANURBT5MQ8D – 40 Polychrome (NEW)
  • CATCHABOO – 30 Polychrome (NEW)
  • USNC9SB4499R – Six W-Engine Power Supplies (NEW)
  • NB6D9SB4MPSZ – Six Crystallized Plating Agents (NEW)
  • 4BPDRBT459RH – 6,000 Dennies (NEW)
  • NS6U9TTLM6AV – Two Bangboo Algorithm Modules (NEW)
  • XTNDQAS44985 – Four Official Investigator Logs (NEW)
  • ZZZ2024 or ZZZTVCM – 50 Polychrome and 6,000 Dennies
  • ZENLESSGIFT – 50 Polychrome, two Official Investigator Logs, three W-Engine Power Supplies, and one Bangboo Algorithm Module
  • ZENLESSLAUNCH – 60 Polychrome and 6,666 Dennies

Expired codes

  • ZZZFREE100 -300 Polychrome, 30,000 Dennies, two Senior Investigator Logs, and three W-Engine Energy Modules

How to redeem Zenless Zone Zero codes

The main way to claim your ZZZ codes is through the game itself, but you can also redeem them via an official code redemption website.

In order to redeem codes, you’ll also need to complete the Business x Strangeness x Justness tutorial quest and reach Inter-Knot Level 5. Otherwise, here’s how to redeem your codes in-game:

  • Open your in-game menu
  • Select the More option in the bottom left
  • Select Redemption Code
  • Copy a code from the list into the box and press redeem
  • Collect your rewards from the mailbox

And online:

  • Open the Zenless Zone Zero code redemption site
  • Log into your Hoyoverse account by clicking the person icon in the top right
  • Choose the server you’re playing on
  • Copy a code into the box and click Redeem
  • Collect your rewards from the in-game mailbox