Are you curious about who is in the spotlight these days? Read on to see Ryan Gosling and Karol G!

Ryan Gosling, a Canadian actor born in Ontario, is known for his charismatic performance and good looks. Gosling was born in Ontario, Canada. He began acting at an early age, and became famous with films like “The Notebook” You can also find out more about the following: “Crazy, Stupid, Love.” Since then, he has established himself as a leading actor with critically acclaimed performances in films like “La La Land” You can also find out more about the following: “Blade Runner 2049.” Gosling has received numerous nominations and awards, including Academy Award nominations and Golden Globe nominations. Gosling’s environmental activism and philanthropy are also highly regarded. He uses his platform and resources for causes such as environmental conservation and social injustice.

Karol G is one of the rising stars in the Latin Music Industry. She is a Colombian singer who burst on the scene in 2007 with her hit song “Tusa,” This song featuring Nicki Minaj was a huge success. Karol G is known for her sensual, energetic performances. She has worked with artists like J Balvin and Bad Bunny. Her music is a blend of reggaeton and trap with pop. It has a unique sound that appeals to listeners all over the world. Karol G has received numerous accolades including Latin Grammy nominations. This has solidified her position as one of Latin music’s leading female voices. Karol G’s empowering lyrics and her bold persona has made her an inspirational figure for many, including young girls who aspire to pursue careers in music.

Ryan Gosling Arrived at the Los Angeles Premiere of “Barbie” Wear a shirt on Sunday Barbiecore-pink blush suits paired with white lace up shoes and a light pink shirt. He wore a necklace that featured a letter. “E” Pendants in signature “Barbie” font.

Gosling was wearing Gucci for his entire look. Mark Avery was Gosling’s stylist and personal shopper. “Barbie.”

Ryan Gosling at the premiere of

Ryan Gosling The premiere of “Barbie” Los Angeles, California.

Christopher Polk for WWD

The red carpet for the film was not just dominated by the actor who played Ken in the movie. Barbiecore pink Inspiration for the premier. WWD looks at the shades worn by other stars on Sunday’s Red Carpet.

Karol G

Karol G at the premiere of

Karol G at premiere of “Barbie”Los Angeles, California.

Christopher Polk for WWD

Karol G The’s is on the “Barbie” Film soundtrack with her song “Watiti,” Aldo ranks collaborated with her. She wore a custom Pucci outfit, which included a pink bandana with rhinestones and a psychedelic print Pucci maxi skirt. The singer collaborated with Brett Alan Nelson on her look.

Kate McKinnon

Kate McKinnon at the premiere of

Kate McKinnon attends the premiere of “Barbie” Los Angeles, California.

Christopher Polk for WWD

Kate McKinnon opted for a powerful look in her custom Kallmeyer outfit. She plays one of Barbies. McKinnon wore a custom pink version of Kallmeyer’s Mikado bodice suit vest, and Tiffany trousers. She was styled by Rebecca Grice. Hidden on the inside lining is a custom grosgrain text. “Gay Barbie.” Both McKinnon, the designer of Kallmeyer by Daniella Kallmeyer, and Kallmeyer herself openly identify as women who are queer.

America Ferrera

America Ferrera at the premiere of

America Ferrera attends the premiere of “Barbie” Los Angeles, California.

Christopher Polk for WWD

America Ferrera may not be playing Barbie in the movie, but it didn’t prevent her from aligning herself with the Barbiecore theme. The actress accessorized with a pink Kate Spade purse, a pink Irene Neuwirth pearl necklace and a blush pink cropped top from St. John.

Issa Rae

Issa Rae at the premiere of

Issa Rae attends the premiere of “Barbie” Los Angeles, California.

Christopher Polk for WWD

Issa, who plays Barbie the President, chose a pink, form-fitting gown that was custom designed by Marc Bouwer. The gown featured a cutout at the front of the bodice, and a bow on the neckline. She accessorized her gown with a clutch in pink.

Greta Gerwig

Greta Gerwig at the premiere of

Greta Gerwig attends the premiere of “Barbie” in Los Angeles.

Christopher Polk for WWD

Greta Gerwig, the director of “The Hunger Games”, wore an all-pink Valentino outfit, which included a pink evening gown, blazer and pink heels, as well as a pink purse.

Valentino launched their Pink PP Collection for Fall 2022. It was arguably a catalyst in the pink Barbiecore Trend that began sweeping fashion last year.

“Barbie” Mattel’s Barbie doll embarks on a journey to take her from Barbieland and into the real-world. The film, which debuts in theaters on July 21, features an ensemble cast including Margot Robbie, Ryan Gosling, Will Ferrell, Emma Mackey, Dua LipaHari Nef and Simu Liu. Gerwig wrote the book “Barbie” With her long-time partner Noah Baumbach. They had previously worked on the screenplay to their 2012 dramedy. “Frances Ha.”

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