Wolves Announce exciting partnership with Ticketmaster during Premier League Season

Wolves of the Premier League announced their partnership with Ticketmaster recently. The goal is to enhance Wolves’ fans’ experience. Ticketmaster, as part of the collaboration, will provide advanced technology and services for ticketing to the club. This will provide fans with a seamless ticketing process, including the convenience of mobile ticketing and online ticket purchases.

Wolves’ partnership with Ticketmaster represents a significant development as the club continues to strive for excellence on and off-field. The club hopes to enhance the matchday experience of their loyal fans by partnering with Ticketmaster. This collaboration will allow the club streamline their ticketing operation, ensuring fans can easily get tickets and benefit from an efficient ticketing system. Wolves’ fans can look forward to a more convenient and smoother way to purchase and manage their match tickets, thanks in part to Ticketmaster’s cutting-edge technology and industry expertise.

Wolves have partnered with Ticketmaster ahead of the 2023/24 season. 

Wolves is joining other Premier League clubs in working together with the ticketing giant.

Ticketmaster’s technologies will come to life in the Molineux Stadium of Wolves, including 3D Virtual venue, which allows fans to preview each seat digitally from their home before they make a final purchase. 

Wolves’ fans can also take advantage of Ticketmaster’s slick experience, allowing them to manage every aspect of their ticketing journey, from purchase to management.

James Davies, the head of ticketing for Wolves, said: “The vast majority of our fans buy and manage their tickets online; therefore, the digital experience is very important to us. The experience for supporters, offered online by Ticketmaster is very impressive, yet simple.”

Vinny Clark, Wolves’ general manager of commercial operations, also spoke about the deal. “We are delighted to be partnering up with Ticketmaster as a global industry leader from summer 2023.

As always, when reviewing our commercial partnerships, fan experience is at the very top of our agenda and we want our ticketing checkout journey to be hassle-free and straigh­tforward. We think Ticketmaster’s the best at what they do and are sure our fans will reap the benefits when purchasing tickets in the near future.”

Chris Gratton spoke for Ticketmaster Manager Director Chris Gratton. “Ticketmaster is committed to delivering the best technology and the best support for both the club and its fans. We are delighted to be working with Wolves and seeing them continue to perform to their best, on and off the field.”