Wilbert Tolentino Pinatamaan Si Herlene Budol Tinawag Na Ingrata?

Title: Wilbert Tolentino Calls Out Herlene Budol as “Ingrata”

Subtitle: Herlene Budol Infuriates Wilbert Tolentino: A Closer Look at the Feud


In the world of entertainment, disputes and controversies are not uncommon. Recent social media buzz in the Philippines revolves around a public feud between Wilbert Tolentino and Herlene Budol. It all began when Tolentino accused Budol, also known as “Hipon Girl,” of being an “ingrata.” But what exactly led to this heated exchange and why did Tolentino choose to use such a strong term to describe Budol? Let’s delve into the details and shed light on this ongoing feud.

The Accusation:

Wilbert Tolentino, a well-known pageant organizer and promoter, took to social media to call out Herlene Budol. He accused her of being an “ingrata,” a term used to describe someone who lacks gratitude or appreciation for past help or favors received. Tolentino claimed that he supported Budol’s rise to fame when she was still a struggling actress. However, he alleged that she did not show the gratitude and appreciation that he expected.

Budol’s Response:

In her own social media post, Budol defended herself against the accusations, claiming that she has been grateful for Tolentino’s supposed support. She mentioned that she is not the type of person to forget kindness extended to her and highlighted her humble beginnings. Budol also expressed her sadness and confusion over the public accusation, emphasizing that she has always been appreciative of the opportunities she has been given.

The Backstory:

Wilbert Tolentino is known for helping aspiring artists and beauty queens gain recognition in the entertainment industry. He has mentored and supported countless individuals throughout his career. Herlene Budol, on the other hand, gained popularity through her wit and humor, and she became widely known as “Hipon Girl” due to her own self-mockery about her appearance.

As the story goes, Tolentino allegedly played a role in promoting Budol’s rise to fame, boosting her career through his contacts and connections. However, the recent conflict between the two suggests that there may have been unaddressed issues or misunderstandings between them, leading to the present situation.

Significance of the Feud:

This feud has captured the attention of netizens and fans of both individuals. They are eager to understand the motives behind these public accusations and to uncover the truth amidst conflicting claims. However, it is essential to remember that such disputes in the entertainment industry often involve complicated personal dynamics and emotions that may not be immediately apparent to the public eye.


The ongoing feud between Wilbert Tolentino and Herlene Budol, which began with Tolentino accusing Budol of being an “ingrata,” has generated considerable public interest. As the two parties continue to share their sides of the story, it remains to be seen whether a resolution can be reached or if the public feud will escalate further. Ultimately, only time will reveal the true nature of their relationship and the reasons behind their clash.