What is the Big News about Mavs star Luka Donic? Here is the Answer!

Luka Docic, the Dallas Mavericks’ star, recently announced that he was engaged. His already impressive career has now reached another milestone. The Slovenian player took to social media to share the news with his fans, posting a picture of himself and his fiancée, Anamaria Goltes, flashing their rings. The couple have been together for many years and the engagement of their relationship is no surprise. Doncic is known for his basketball skills, but he seems just as dedicated and committed off the court.

Doncic’s engagement marks an exciting chapter in his personal life, and fans are excited to see him transition into this new phase alongside his fiancée. People who have been following his career know that Doncic is not one to back down from a challenge and has always overcome it. His engagement is a great reminder that, even in the highly competitive world of professional sport, athletes can still find love and form meaningful relationships. The announcement was met with a lot of support from both fans and other players, showing how much respect and admiration Doncic earned on and off the field.

Dallas Mavericks Luka Donic announced his engagement on Instagram to his longtime partner.

Doncic proposed to Anamaria, his girlfriend of 5 years, in Slovenia.

It was a very special day for the couple as it was their 7th anniversary. For Doncic, “7.7” The number 77 jersey is the same as his. 77 jersey number.

This idyllic picture shows the Slovenian point-guard on his knees in Lake Bled. You can see the Church of the Mother of God on the Lake on Bled Isle in the background.

Goltes is also from Slovenia and is a lifestyle and fashion content creator. When not posting fashion photos of herself she often posts photos wearing his jersey number, along with photos with Dončić and their dogs.

Lebron, Jalbron, Spencer Dinwiddie, Boban Marjanovic and Jalbron’s team were some of the NBA big names who congratulated them on the wedding.