What happened to Kai Sotto? Kai Sotto was unexpectedly benched for the second game

In an unexpected turn of events the Filipino basketball prodigy Kai Sotto, who was highly regarded by many, found himself benched during the second game of this season. Fans speculated about the reasons behind this surprising move.

Sotto had been a big buzz-maker before making his professional debut and was expected have an immediate effect on the court. The coaching staff made the bold decision to bench Sotto for the second game after his mediocre performance in the first match. Although the reasoning behind this decision is unknown, it may be a strategy to help the young athlete gain a deeper understanding of the dynamics of a professional team and league. This move also sends the message that talent is not enough, and that Sotto must continue to work hard to earn his minutes.

This decision can serve as a valuable lesson for Sotto. He will learn the importance of patience and resilience in the face of failure. The transition from amateur to pro basketball is not easy, especially with high expectations. While fans await Sotto’s next appearance, it is yet to be seen whether this setback will affect his growth and if it will fuel him in his desire to prove himself.

The Orlando Magic, led by FILIPINO NBA hopeful Kai Sotto, lost 86-106 to the Indiana Pacers in the NBA Summer League in Las Vegas on Tuesday evening (Manila Time).



Even the repeated chants “We want Sotto!” The presence of Filipino fans in the arena was enough for Magic coach Dylan Murphy, to start the 21-year old Sotto.

Social media has been flooded with videos of Sotto fans chanting.

Murphy had 11 players on the field, with Caleb Houstan scoring 18 points.

Jett Howard tallied 10 points while Anthony Black, the Magic’s sixth round draft pick this year, scored eight points with seven rebounds.

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Ben Sheppard had 23 points and five other Pacers players scored in double figures.

Sotto may make his debut in the preseason league on Friday against the Portland Trail Blazers or Thursday against the New York Knicks.