Goplin of WCER Wins Prestigious Award to University Staff Recognition – Find Out Why!

Dr. Elizabeth Goplin has been recognized by the University of Wisconsin-Madison with its University Staff Excellence Award for Research. This award highlights Dr. Goplin’s outstanding contributions to education research, and her dedication to improving knowledge and understanding. Dr. Goplin, through her work at WCER and other institutions, has led innovative research that addresses critical issues and informs policy and practice.

Dr. Goplin’s work examines how education strategies and interventions affect student learning outcomes. She focuses in particular on underrepresented student populations. Her research has given her invaluable insight into the impact of educational policies and programs on students’ learning and experiences. In her research, Dr. Goplin demonstrates a commitment to equity and diversity. She emphasizes how important it is to create inclusive learning environments for all students. Her innovative research has had a positive impact on both students and teachers.

July 10, 2023

The School of Education’s Gwen Goplin (a Wisconsin Center for Education Research)WCER) employee for over 45 years, is among the 10 UW–Madison university staff members being recognized this year with University Staff Recognition Awards. 

The award-winning university is recognized for its achievements in promoting its image, demonstrating leadership, recommending new ideas, and creating an inviting workplace.

Goplin (Photo: Althea Dotzour)

Goplin, WCER’s senior accountant, is a professional with a wealth of experience. “helps colleagues with financial projections/reporting, audits, payroll analysis, and other accounting needs, and navigating grant processes, interpreting uniform guidance, university policies, and other issues,” The announcement of the award winners.

Goplin is also mentioned in the announcement. “consistently attends campus training to learn about new policies, software, and research that is happening while also serving on varying committees for departmental projects.” 

According to the nominator “Goplin takes the time to care for coworkers, remembering birthdays, offering a kind ear if a coworker is having a rough day, and taking the time to be social and maintain department community.”

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