Watch as Blind, Autistic singer on “America’s Got Talent’ Earns the Golden Buzzer — Billboard

Jane Marczewski is a blind, autistic and talented singer. “Nightbirde,” The popular talent show has been a hit with the judges and the audience “America’s Got Talent.” During her audition she performed a original song entitled “It’s Okay,” This was a performance that resonated with the judges as well as the audience. Simon Cowell’s Golden Buzzer was awarded to her for her emotional and powerful performance. She then advanced directly to the live shows. Marczewski has a truly inspirational story. She has battled with cancer three times, and her music gives a unique view on life.

Nightbirde performs on “America’s Got Talent” It is a testimony to the power that music has in breaking down barriers and connecting people on a deeper level. Marczewski was able to shine through despite her difficulties, and both the judges as well as the audience were moved to tears. She was able, through her song, to send a message of resilience and hope, showing that despite adversity it is okay to continue. Nightbirde’s Golden Buzzer Moment is a powerful reminder that talent knows few boundaries, and everyone deserves to be heard and viewed regardless of disability.

America’s Got Talent The 18th season of is currently auditioning contestants. In the episode that aired on Tuesday, July 12, Heidi Klum and Howie Mandel were stunned by Lavender’s talent. Sofia Vergara, Simon Cowell, and Sofia Vergara also left her speechless.

Darcangelo began her presentation by describing her background. “I’ve been singing since actually I was three years old. I didn’t talk until I was four and a half. I’m also autistic as well as blind. I have a lot of dreams,” She said “I want to build a school where the classes are based off of what kids are naturally curious at, a school I would have thrived in. My dad’s name is Will. He adopted me later in life. I met him at this after-school program he was doing.”

Will picked up the story where Lavender left off. “I started an after-school music program. Lavender and I met and she asked me to adopt her, but I said, ‘I’m a member of the faculty, that’s just not how it works,'” He shared. “Several years goes by and she’s having struggles, and before you know it, she moves in with me and my husband Jamie the day we came home from our honeymoon. A year after that, she became out legal daughter.”

Will then stepped away to let Lavender sing her song of choice — “Out Here on My Own” Irene Cara sings for the The Right to Fame soundtrack. “Sometimes I wonder where I’ve been/ Who I am, do I fit in/ Make believin’ is hard alone/ Out here on my own/ We’re always provin’ who we are, always reachin’/ For that risin’ star/ To guide me far and shine me home, out here on my own,” She sang the chorus and verse of the emotional track.

Lavender was given a standing-ovation by all four judges after her performance.

“Everything about that was magical. You have such a talent. You have such an amazing personality,” Cowell told Cowell the singer. “We make the show because we get to meet people like you occasionally, and I’m so happy that you’ve come on our show to share your talent with us, because this is an audition I’ll never forget.”

Klum commented that Lavender was amazing and she was completely blown away. “I feel like I just fell in love,” She said “This AGT journey is an amazing journey, and I would love to be your cheerleader and hold you hand all the way to the finish line. What do you say?”

Klum then slammed down her hand on the Golden Buzzer causing golden confetti from the ceiling to fall.

Watch Lavender auditioning above.