VIRAL: BINI Maloi mobbed by fans at family dinner

By Rie Realingo

After the successful three-day concert of “Nation’s Girl Group” BINI, members spent their time with their loved ones before they return to the stage. One member, however, got mobbed by fans during her personal time.

In a TikTok video posted by a fan, BINI’s Maloi was observed to be in great discomfort once her peaceful dinner in a restaurant in Lemery, Batangas seemingly turned into a meet-and-greet with fans cramming the place.

@meesscee BINI Maloi dining at a restaurant in Batangas with her family 😍 ©️ J Mabugay #BINI #BINIMaloi #Maloi #MaloiRicalde ♬ original sound – meesscee

According to online users’ personal accounts, only the restaurant-goers in the same place had been wanting to get close to the P-pop idol to get a photo and autograph. 

@joyyieqt grabe ang epekto ng isang @loiverever౨ৎ, i hope nakakain ka ng maayos🥺 iloveyouuuuu so so much #binimaloi #binimaloiricalde #dilaw ♬ original sound – jo

However, to everyone’s dismay, news quickly spread and everyone, even non-paying customers, went to the said restaurant to try and get a glimpse of the BINI member. 

This chaos heightened when the food place got a power interruption, as claimed by a user in a trending Reddit post, leaving everyone in a dark state.

With the heat of people flocking around, the overcrowded state, and noisy surroundings, fans were still persistent in getting close to Maloi.

Maloi was visibly uncomfortable with videos taken by netizens. This made the group’s fans, known as Blooms, express their rage on social media, asking everyone to let their idols have their own privacy despite being public figures.

“Ito talaga yung ayaw ko sa ‘fan culture’ sa atin eh. Specially sa local public figures. Walang respeto sa privacy tapos kapag hindi pinansin pangit na ugali. Tama lang yung ginawa ng starmu regarding autograph,” a netizen commented on the Reddit post.

A similar incident with co-member BINI Aiah sparked controversy recently when a man in a bar in Cebu got physically too close to her, making the Cebuana member visibly surprised and uncomfortable.

Fans are now calling out to everyone to be reminded that their idols deserve their own time, for their rest and privacy.