ZEROBASEONE releases their debut video “In Bloom”: Prepare to be mesmerized!

ZEROBASEONE has released their much-anticipated debut music video. “In Bloom.” In this visually stunning video, the five-member group shows off their incredible talent and captivating visuals. The song is a blend of electronic and pop sounds with powerful vocals, and dynamic choreography. “In Bloom” The song explores themes of self-discovery and growth, and resonates with the listeners by encouraging them to embrace themselves and blossom like a flower.

The MV for “In Bloom” It is a visual feast, with vivid colors and stunning effects that complement the youthful energy and charisma of the group. The flawless choreography and dance moves of the members leave a lasting impact, furthering the overall performance. ZEROBASEONE’s debut has certainly captured the attention and interest of both fans and industry professionals. They are eager to see what the talented group brings to the Kpop scene in future.

K-pop group ZEROBASEONE. Photo: Twitter/@ZB1_official
ZEROBASEONE is a K-pop group. Photo: Twitter/@ZB1_official

ZEROBASEONE, a K-pop Boy Band formed from a reality talent show “Boys Planet,” The extended play premiered on Monday “Youth in the Shade.”

The EP of the nine-member group consists six tracks, and is led by a single. “In Bloom,” This record was released with a music clip.

“In Bloom” Drum and Bass track paying homage to Norwegian band A-ha’s classic synth-pop “Take On Me,” According to a report from K-pop news site Soompi.

The EP also includes the following songs: “Back to ZEROBASE,” “New Kidz on the Block,” “And I,” “Our Season” The following are some examples of how to get started: “Always.”

The Philippines’ Twitter trending topics included #DayOneWithZB1 as well as #YOUTHINTHESHADE.

ZEROBASEONE has been created from “Boys Planet,” The popular South Korean music station Mnet aired a reality survival show earlier this summer.

The group is made up of Koreans Sung Han-bin and Kim Ji-woong; Korean-Canadian Seok-Matthew; and Chinese Zhang Hao and Ricky.

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