Unveiling The Thrilling Review of Episode 1 of ZOM 100 – Akira’s Mysterious Odyssey!

The anime series begins with the first episode. “ZOM 100: Bucket List of the Dead,” Title “Akira of the Dead,” Akira Tendo, our main character is introduced. Akira, a 24-year old office worker, leads a boring life. He does the same things over and over again without any purpose. The world changes dramatically when the zombie apocalypse breaks out and the undead take over. Akira, who is a stoic survivor, sees the zombie apocalypse as an opportunity for a new start.

What are the different types of “ZOM 100” The unique way in which it approaches the genre sets this series apart from others. The series, instead of a typical survival tale focuses on Akira’s desire to enjoy his life, even when it is in danger. The first episode sets up the premise of the series and introduces us to Akira. Animation is excellent, with vivid colors and fluid movement during action scenes. Akira is a great comedian, and his dry wit provides plenty of laughs. Overall, “ZOM 100: Bucket List of the Dead Episode 1” The series promises to be exciting and entertaining, combining humor, action and a unique view on the zombie apocalypse.

ZOM 100 It’s like a full length version of the I think you should leave “Darmine Doggy Door” sketch Tim, who sees the monster and feels relieved he will not have to report for work tomorrow. The premise is radical, but the result is quite funny. ZOM 100 The focus should be on someone who has no reason to live and is resentful of their existence. This first episode embraces genre tropes such as awkward meet-cutes in rom-coms, but then undercuts these sweet, hopeful moments with all-out devastation. 

Tone brings out the best in you Edgar Wright‘s Shaun of the Dead It is still a great way to get into the mind of a child, even though it can take you to some very intense and ridiculous places. Akira’s lifeless shuffle to and from the office is almost exactly taken from Shaun of the Dead. Wright’s film should not be the only one to tackle this topic, but it will take time. ZOM 100 Proof that it is just more “Shaun of the Dead, but anime.” Akira is the anime’s soul. He has finally achieved his dreams and goals.

This series has also a lot of visual appeal. This first episode uses a simple but effective trick, where the color palette of the flashback is muted. It’s set in the early days of Akira’s career. This is a great way to show how lifeless and dull Akira’s existence as a mechanical has become. When Akira realizes he is caught in the zombie apocalypse, and that he has no more responsibilities to worry about, it makes his reality all the more vivid. It’s almost as if the moment in The Wizard of Oz Dorothy’s final step into the world of colors 

The rainbow-colored lens makes it look like the world’s most horrific paintball game. It’s an easy style choice, but one which quickly makes a statement. ZOM 100 The music is what sets this series apart from others. The music, too, is up to the occasion. ZOM 100‘s Opening theme song “Song of the Dead” This song, by KANA BOON (featured in the final credits of the premiere entry), is absolutely banging and captures anime’s explosive, carefree energy.

ZOM 100 The first episode is a good one, even if it’s a bit slow. (Even if the story spans three years). It would have been better if the anime had a two episode premiere to allow for the storyline to get going. Or perhaps “Akira of the Dead” Akira could have started his journey a little bit earlier. Fortunately, ZOM 100 Hiroshi Seko is responsible for script supervision. Attack on Titan, Jujutsu Kaisen. Mob Psycho 100. Seko is a fan of long-form stories and enjoys delayed gratification.