The latest trailer of Blue Beetle teases curiosity about the ancient scarab.

Blue Beetle’s new trailer gives fans a glimpse at the amazing powers of an ancient Scarab, which has been incorporated into the superhero’s arsenal. The trailer starts with a mysterious image, where the Scarab appears to glow with an unnatural blue light. The intricate designs are visible as the camera zooms into the Scarab, hinting to its ancient origins.

We see the Scarab’s incredible abilities as the trailer continues. He can summon powerful energy blasts with a single thought and easily take down a large group of enemies. Blue Beetle is able to perform incredible feats of acrobatics thanks to the Scarlet Scarab. In the hands of the hero, the Scarab can do everything from levitation to creating protective forcefields. The Scarab’s sleek, alien design adds a new element to Blue Beetle’s already impressive arsenal of powers. Fans are eagerly anticipating the upcoming release of the film.

Blue Beetle’s latest trailer teases fans with the incredible powers the ancient Scarab has to offer. It also leaves them excited for the release of this film. The film’s otherworldly look and mind-bending capabilities promise to elevate the superheroes abilities. Blue Beetle, who wields the Scarab power to fight evil forces, is eagerly anticipated by fans.

Warner Bros Pictures unveiled the official trailer to its upcoming movie ‘Blue Beetle,’ on Wednesday. The first Latino DC Studio superhero will make his debut in the movie which is set to be released worldwide on August 18.

The story of ‘Blue Beetle,’ revolves around Jaime Reyes’ life after an ancient relic named the Scarab chooses him to be its symbiotic partner. The relic attaches itself to his spine, giving him superhuman powers and exoskeleton armor. The teaser implies that Jaime doesn’t keep his family in dark about his true identity, but rather views them as a source of strength.

The teaser as well as the trailer may remind Marvel’s Spider-Man fans, with the plot focusing on the conflicts of a teenage boy and his embracement of his powers to help save the world.

The film’s makers claim the film won’t have any connection with previous DCU movies and that ‘Blue Beetle will be an important character in future franchise projects.

Cobra Kai-fame Xolo Marquezine plays Blue Beetle aka Jaime Reyes. Bruna marquezine portrays his love interest Jenny Kord.
Other actors include Academy Award-winning Susan Sarandon. Raoul Max Trujillo. George Lopez.