Unveiling Surprising Results: Google Ads Outperform Organic Results for Brokers Traffic, Confirms Recent Research by The Lead Engine

According to a recent study, Google Ads were more effective at driving traffic than the top organic search results for brokers. The Lead Engine studied the web traffic of several brokers to determine that Google Ads were consistently more effective than the number one organic result for generating leads and converting them. The data showed that ads generated a higher conversion rate and click-through rate than organic search results. This indicates that users are more likely to interact when they see paid advertisements.

This research shows that Google Ads can help brokers increase their online visibility, and thus attract more clients. Although organic search results can be useful for long-term traffic building, paid advertising can deliver immediate results. Google Ads allows brokers to strategically target their audience, improve their online presence, and generate more conversions and leads. This study provides valuable insights for brokers who are involved in digital marketing. It emphasizes the importance of including paid advertising as part of their overall marketing strategies for maximum results.

According to a recent analysis of two campaigns conducted by a lead generation company based in Peterborough, many brokers think that ranking #1 on Google’s organic results for keyphrases that are relevant is the Holy Grail. The Lead Engine.

A Google ad by The Lead Engine, created for a keyword for which The Lead Engine’s client was already #1 in organic search results on Google, received a positive response. 18%CTR (click-through rate) during the duration of the campaign. The campaign was almost clicked. Once you have a clue, it is easy to get started. It appeared five times.

Comparatively, the link to a company’s site at the top of organic Google search results (and located directly beneath the Google ad), received a 9.38% CTR in the exact same time frame. The organic link is roughly half as efficient as the paid link despite being free.

Another Google Ad, for a client The Lead Engine, offering mortgage advice to a certain type of contractor received over a 15.28% CTR, while the organic link to the client’s website — again the top-ranking organic result on #1 of Google — had a lower CTR of 10.65%.



Alex Curtis is the founder of The Lead Engine.

“It’s rare to run an ad campaign with a keyphrase that you are already sitting at the top of page one of Google for in the organic results, but this research shows it’s worth considering and shouldn’t be ruled out. Not only did the ads for these brokers get clicked regularly, but they were clicked more often than the organic results, which appeared very close to them on #1 of Google. This shows that people aren’t blind to Google Ads and that investing in SEO, while incredibly valuable, may not be essential to achieving success online. Based on this evidence, a good Google ad campaign can do the heavy lifting for you, although clearly your website then needs to deliver what the visitor wants to see to make it profitable.”