Rome’s Hollywood Hotspot: Mission: Impossible 7 and Fast X Create Curiosity

Rome is a popular filming destination for Hollywood productions. In the past few years, two major franchises chose Rome as their main location. “Mission: Impossible 7” and “Fast X” brought star-studded actors and high-octane excitement to Rome’s historic streets, captivating audiences with their breathtaking action and exotic backgrounds. Due to their popularity and global reach these films have helped Rome become a destination that film lovers and tourists who are looking for urban adventure should visit.

The thrilling espionage series ‘Mission: Impossible 7’ continues Tom Cruise’s espionage career. Rome is the perfect backdrop for the action scenes and daring stunts for which the series has become famous. The film’s breathtaking acrobatics on rooftops and high-speed chases down the Tiber River will leave viewers speechless. Fast X injects a similar electrifying energy to the streets of Rome with its fast cars. Rome is not only elevated in cinematic terms, but its beauty and cultural heritage are also shown to the world. This reinforces its status of a cosmopolitan city that combines history with modern flair.

RomeHollywood movies are featuring a lot of’s iconic monuments this summer.

The Eternal City is hosting the premieres of the “Fast X” “Mission: Impossible — Dead Reckoning Part One,” Two blockbusters that caused havoc and melted rubber on the cobblestoned roads.

Universal Holdings “Fast X” In early May, there was a red carpet at the Temple of Venus of the Roman Forum with the Colosseum behind it. Paramount descended a few weeks later for the premiere of “M:I 7,” The following are some examples of how to use Tom Cruise The same Spanish Steps are used in both films as the backdrop for the spectacular car chases.

“We’ve done car chases in ‘Mission: Impossible’ movies before, but nothing like this one,” Cruise was a swaggering rascal on the red-carpet. The wild “M:I 7” A Hummer chases a yellow Fiat 500 vintage car. Cruise and Hayley are behind the wheel of Hayley, while Cruise is in the passenger seat. “Mission: Impossible” As the Fiat darts up the ancient staircase, fashion and handcuffs are together.

Vin Diesel was also amazed at the access given for “Fast X”: “I could not believe that there was a [Dodge] Charger and we were shouting ‘Action!’ in front of the Colosseum,” He said Variety. “I never would have dreamed of that happening 20 years ago.”

The Rome Film Commission would not either, as it is making major efforts to make the Italian Capital more friendly to film crews in an effort to attract Hollywood shoots.

“These Rome premieres are the crowning moment of a journey that has made Italy much more attractive as a shooting destination in recent years,” Cristina Priarone is the head of the Rome Commission and the president of the Italian Film Commissions Assn.

Priarone highlights that Italy’s generous tax rebates, of up to 40%, for international TV and film series introduced in 2008 are among the best in Europe. (They even top those of France and the U.K.) Her team has also worked closely with local authorities in order to reduce red tape. The Rome municipal permits office, for example, is now electronically accessible. “a well-oiled machine.” Meanwhile, Rome’s sThe following are some of the ways to get in touch with us:ried Cinecittà Studios, which has housed productions from “Ben-Hur” to “Gangs of New York,” It is undergoing major renovations, which are helping to boost the city’s reputation as a filmmaking magnet.

Priarone states that “M:I 7” Early 2020 marked the beginning of production in Italy at the time of the pandemic. “We all worked together with regional authorities and the unions to create the conditions for this shoot to take place.”

Cruise spoke solemnly at the premiere of the movie in the Auditorium della Conciliazione a few steps from the Vatican. “Everyone knows what was going on in the world when we shot this film here.”

“Had it not been for every person in the entire [Rome] community who worked with us, from the restaurants in the streets, to the police, to everyone on the roads, to the government and medical staff — all making sure that we’re all safe — we would not have been able to create what we’re going to see this evening,” Added he.

Cruise arrived 90 minutes late to the gala after an impromptu discussion with Prime Minister Giorgia Melons.

He wanted to personally thank Premiere Italia for the decision. “M:I 7” Event on the Spanish Steps is possible. Meloni may have overcome the opposition of local authorities who did not want the event to be held at the 18th century landmark because they were worried about wear and tear.

Those concerns, however, are not unfounded.

A Saudi man, 37, drove his Maserati, which he had rented, down the staircase. He caused damage. Police identified him from surveillance images taken at Milan Malpensa airport.

If you are in Rome, do not try to recreate the movie scenes.