Fans rallied to defend the surprising age gap between Florence Pugh, Cillian Murphy and Oppenheimer.

After some expressed concerns over the age difference between Florence Pugh, Cillian Murphy and the film Oppenheimer, fans of both actors have come to their defence. Pugh will play the role of J. Robert Oppenheimer’s wife, played by Murphy who is 45. Many fans, however, argue that this age gap shouldn’t be a concern because it’s not uncommon for actors of different ages to portray characters.

Fans say that the goal of acting is to embody a character, and bring their story to life. This applies regardless of an actor’s age. Pugh and Murphy should be praised for their talents, not because of their age differences. Fans argue that the age difference fits with the story because Oppenheimer was younger in real life than his wife. Pugh and Murphy are expected to deliver impressive performances as Oppenheimer. Their acting skills and chemistry is sure to impress.

Oppenheimer Fans have defended Cillian Murphy You can also find out more about the following: Florence Pugh Those who are against them “griping about the age gap” The co-stars.

The Irish actor 47 leads Christopher Nolan’s highly anticipated biographical film as “the father of the atomic bomb”Robert J Oppenheimer is the inventor whose World War II invention forever changed war.

Pugh, 27, plays opposite Murphy as Jean Tatlock, a psychiatrist known for her romantic relationship Oppenheimer.

A debate has erupted over the weekend ahead of the 21 July cinema release. Critics have condemned the age difference between the actors by 20 years, calling it an a “miscast”.

In the meantime, a report published recently claimed that the movie would feature Pugh and Murphy in scenes of “prolonged full nudity” together, only added fuel to the fire.

“If you’d told me that between Barbie and Oppenheimer, one would start online discourse about on-screen age gaps and the other would lead to international controversy rooted in 1940s Asian geopolitics, never in a million years would have I guessed which one would yield which,” A person laughed at a joke. referencing the Barbie movie’s ban in Vietnam.

“Catering to male fantasy,” Second posited.

Many people have defended the age gap by pointing out that “Tatlock was 22 years old when she started dating Oppenheimer and 29 when she died”.

“How is getting a 27-year-old actress to play her a miscast?” One asked.

Addressing “everyone freaking out about the age gap”A second was rebutted. “Florence Pugh is 27 years old. She is not a child. Power dynamics are important to discuss when appropriate but this is a MOVIE and Pugh is a grown woman. No need to infantilise her and remove her agency.”

“If you’re griping about the age gap between Cillian Murphy and Florence Pugh then you are in fact s***ty to women,” Another added. “Pugh is a 27-year-old actress who is an absolute master of her craft and you’re relegating her to a child because you suck & are a brainwashed robot.”

Somebody acknowledged that there was a problem. “not enough stories for older women and too many icky age gap romances” – as films often cast younger women alongside older male actors – they pointed out that both “issues” weren’t applicable to Oppenheimer.

“The on-screen age gap discourse is very valid but this isn’t the film for it cuz Oppenheimer & Tatlock had a 10-year age gap,” The other agreed. “So Cillian & Florence Pugh are perfect casting.”

Oppenheimer The film will be released in cinemas on the 21st July, the day after Greta Gerwig. Barbie. The eager fans have already planned to buy tickets so they can see the films in order. The viral trend, also known as “Barbenheimer”The popularity of. has grown so much that even Murphy, Margot Robbie and Tom Cruise have publicly supported it.