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The Nothing Phone II has been officially released and is taking over the smartphone market.

Nothing, the company that created the Phone 1, has delivered another product that promises to revolutionize the smartphone experience. The Phone II is the successor to the first semitransparent smartphone that was launched exactly one year before. Nothing has taken user feedback into account and improved the new model significantly. It is a major step up from its predecessor.

Learn everything you need about the Nothing Phone 2.

What’s New about the Nothing Phone 2?

nothing phone 2

The Phone II boasts an advanced processor, improved build-quality and faster performance. Users can expect a more robust build and faster performance. But that’s not all – Nothing promises a more mindful and intentional smartphone experience with this new model. Phone (2) was created with the adverse effects of excessive smartphone use on mental well-being and health in mind.

The Phone (2) was designed to help users find a balance between their online and offline lives. The features are easier to use and understand. It provides a more streamlined experience. The new model has retained the semi-transparent look that was the signature of the Phone 1. It gives it a stylish and unique appearance.

In summary, the Nothing Phone 2 promises to revolutionize the world of smartphones. The smartphone is a must for anyone looking to maintain a balance between digital and offline life. It offers a combination of features that are best in class and encourages a more mindful use of smartphones.

Aesthetics Enhanced

The Nothing Phone 2 boasts an iconic design with meticulous engineering and obsessive detail. The Phone 2 design builds upon the success of its predecessor the Phone 1. The Nothing team has spent many hours perfecting each detail to deliver a refined, elegant aesthetic.

The enhanced aesthetics of the Phone 2 is one of its key features. This was achieved by carefully considering the shapes, colors, placement, and texture for each component. This results in a device which is beautiful and functional with a design optimised for an ergonomic experience. The Phone 2 has a thinner middle frame and a glass-backed back which is cushioned for comfort. This makes it easier to hold the device and use it for long periods.

The Phone (2) also features the semi-transparent design, which was the signature of the Phone 1. This gives it a stylish and unique look that will turn heads. The Nothing team made sure that the entire design was optimized for user experience. This included the placement of ports and buttons, as well as the overall feel of device in the hands.

The screen is larger and the build has been improved

Nothing Phone (2), Nothing, phone

The Nothing Phone (2) has introduced significant improvements over its predecessor, including a larger and brighter 6.7″ flexible OLED panel with a resolution of 120Hz Full HD+. This screen is now symmetrical and has thinner bezels to provide a more immersive experience. Also, the selfie with a punch-hole is available. cameraIt was previously in the upper-left corner. Now, it is located at the centre. This allows users to easily take selfies.

The Phone (2) has a slightly raised rear 3D glass that not only adds to its aesthetics but also makes it easier to hold. The grey color option highlights the Glyph user interface and adds sophistication to the device. The Phone (2) has a slightly improved water resistance with an IP54 rating. This means it’s essentially splash-resistant.

Upgraded processors with more storage space

Upgraded processors and storage are also significant improvements made by Nothing to the Phone II. The Phone 2 now has a powerful Snapdragon8+ Gen1 processor. This is a significant upgrade over the Snapdragon7 series processor that was in the first generation Phone 1.

Users can enjoy a 80% increase in performance with the new processor. This means that you will be able to browse the web faster, stream videos or play games. It is one of the most powerful phones on the market. Phone (2) has 8GB of RAM, and base storage is 128GB. This should be enough for the majority of users. If you require more storage, the Phone II now comes with a 12GB option, which can be paired with either 256GB, or 512GB. This is an improvement on the previous Nothing Phone 1, which had a storage capacity of only 256GB.

You can store more photos and videos on your device thanks to the upgraded processor. With the added RAM, it is possible to run multiple apps at once without experiencing any lag. This is an excellent option for those who use their smartphones a lot and multitask.

New Glyph User Interface

The Nothing Phone 2 comes with an improved Glyph Interface that helps users to be more present during their everyday lives. The number of LED segments has been increased in the Glyph Interface to make it more functional and customisable. Users can use the Glyph Interface as a visual progress tracker and countdown for delivery or ride services. This makes it easier to stay on top of their schedules. The Glyph Interface also includes a timer and volume checker, which are extremely useful features for those who want to track their time or sound levels.

Essential Glyph Notifications are also included in the Glyph Interface, allowing users to remain focused and not miss important alerts. The top-right LED segment remains on when a selected contact or app sends a notification. This feature helps users not to miss important notifications. For those who use their smartphones for important work or personal matters, this can be crucial.

Furthermore, the new Glyph Composer allows users to personalise their experience even further by creating unique Glyph Ringtones—allowing users to express their individuality and creativity, making their smartphone experience truly unique and tailored to their preferences. The Glyph Composer allows users to create Glyph Ringtones which reflect their style and personality, making the smartphone experience more fun and enjoyable.

Nothing OS 2.0

The Nothing Phone (2) is not just a new and improved smartphone, but it also comes with a redesigned operating system – the Nothing OS 2.0. This new version is intended to encourage intentional smartphone usage and reduce distractions. It delivers a fast, efficient user experience while focusing on Nothing’s aesthetics.

Nothing OS 2.0 has a number of features that are unique. monochrome layoutThis design choice is intended to reduce distractions and create a more intentional relationship with the device. This design choice aims to reduce distractions and create a more intentional connection with the device.

Not only that, the new operating system also introduces widgets on the home and lock screens, which provide quick access to key functions without having to open apps—essentially saves time and improves productivity, making it easier to get things done.

The grid layout, widget sizes, colour themes, new folder layouts, and illustrated covers can all be customized by users. Customisation allows users to make their device more enjoyable and fun.

It has also optimized the software for a faster and smoother user experience. For example, the Phone’s (2) app-opening speed is now twice as fast as the Phone’s (1). Nothing has also improved over 500 animations and changes, allowing the device to feel more fluid and responsive.

Powerful camera upgrades

nothing phone 2

The Nothing Phone II has a powerful camera system, which is considered among the best on the marketplace. The Nothing Phone (2) has a dual 50 MP rear camera with advanced sensors and a front 32 MP camera. Moreover, its 18-bit image signal processor (ISP) has the ability to process camera data up to four thousand times more than previous models, allowing cutting-edge algorithms for highly accurate videos and photos. The Phone 2 can produce high-quality images even in low light settings with this upgraded ISP.

The Phone 2 also has an Advanced HDR Algorithm that captures eight images with different exposure levels in order to create a photo that is as real as possible. This feature allows the user to capture high-quality photos that are true and accurate to the scene.

Motion Capture 2.0 also uses advanced technologies. AI-based technology This feature allows you to focus precisely on moving objects. This feature is extremely helpful for users who wish to capture video or action footage that moves quickly. Motion Capture 2.0 ensures that the subject will remain in focus no matter how fast it moves.

EIS/OIS is also built in to provide smooth results. Electronic Image Stabilisation and Optical Image Stabilisation features make sure that video footage is smooth and stable, even if the user’s hands are not steady.

Also, the front-facing camera allows users to record themselves in 1080P at 60fps. It is perfect for people who love taking selfies and vlogs. This feature allows users to capture high-quality videos of themselves, indoors or out, in various settings.

Larger battery for premium performance

The battery capacity of the Nothing Phone II has been increased to 4,700mAh, a significant improvement over its predecessor. The upgrade allows users to use their phones for longer periods of time without having to worry about running out. Phone (2) comes with fast charging wired capabilities of up to 45W. That’s an improvement over the 33W that was available in the previous version. Users can charge their devices quickly, and then use them again.

Wireless charging is limited to 15W. This feature is still impressive. Additionally, the Phone (2) is equipped with LTPO technology, which allows for a dynamic switch between 1-120Hz on the 6.7″ display. This technology can reduce power usage up to 30%.

Sustainability initiatives

The Nothing Phone II is a product of ongoing sustainability initiatives. It not only has a number of features and components that are superior to the predecessor, it also boasts countless advanced features. Phone (2) demonstrates Nothing’s commitment towards sustainability and environmental protection.

Nothing has taken multiple measures to achieve its goal of reducing its environmental impact and carbon footprint. Phone 2 uses 100 percent recycled aluminum on the middle frame, buttons and SIM tray tip. Circuit boards are constructed from 100% recycled tin, copper, and bio-based foils. Additionally, 80% plastic components are made of recycled and biobased materials. All 28 stamping parts are made from over 90% recycled steel, and no waste is generated during the assembly process.

Furthermore, both the recycled aluminum production facility and the final assembly factory use 100% renewable power, further reducing Phone (2)’s environmental footprint. The packaging of the Phone 2 is FSC MIX-certified, plastic-free and contains over 60% recycled fiber. This ensures that the product packaging is environmentally friendly.

Where can I buy the Nothing Phone 2 in Malaysia?

Nothing Phone (2), Nothing, phone

The Nothing Phone (2) will be available in two different colours – white and dark grey. The storage capacity is 256GB or512GB with 12GB RAM. Although the price of this highly-anticipated smartphone has not yet been revealed, it is expected to be announced on July 14, 2023.

Users Malaysia The CROSSOVER Mid Valley Store, located in the city of Edmonton, is offering the opportunity for the first person to arrive at the store and purchase the Phone (2). Kuala Lumpur. This exclusive event will be held on 15 July, 2023. Stores open at 10AM.

Worry not for those who were unable to attend the exclusive launch! The Phone (2) is available to all Malaysians from 22 July. It can be bought at several popular shops, including Yes5G, DirectD, TMT, URBAN REPUBLIC, Tac Mobile, and the Lazada Nothing Flagship StoreThe. Shopee Nothing Official Store.

The Nothing Phone II is a revolutionary smartphone that will change the way you use smartphones.

Keep an eye out for price updates on the 14th of July 2023.

All images are courtesy of Nothing