This week’s free game on Epic Games Store is The Falconeer

For those who don’t already know, every Thursday, Epic Games makes a new game, or sometimes, two games are available for gamers to download and add to their libraries for free. Whatever you’ve redeemed is then yours to keep, to play or to add to an ever-growing list of games you mean to play but probably never will. The latest entry replaces the Sunless Skies giveaway from last week with a copy of The Falconeer. This freebie will last an entire week, giving you plenty of time to grab a copy and add it permanently to your library.


Coming from solo developer Tomas Sala, the title has you perched on top of giant warbirds to explore this vast oceanic world and engage in dogfights in its skies. There are multiple campaigns to go through as you play a Falconeer, each giving perspectives of different factions in this divided world. Succeeding in missions also means upgrades to your arsenal and flying abilities.

Being primarily an air combat game, the developer recommends using a controller or a flight stick to play the title to enjoy it fully, but mouse and keyboard controls are included too. Virtual reality support is being touted as a feature too, letting headset owners play through the campaigns using their chosen PC VR hardware.

The Falconeer is free to claim on the Epic Games Store until July 11. The title usually costs $19.99 to purchase when it’s not on sale, but for the next week, there is no cost attached to it. Like always, the next Epic Games giveaway will begin once this one has finished its run on the coming Thursday. With all that said, remember to utilise our comparison tool to secure the finest deal on your next wishlisted game.