The Delectable Review of Zom 100: Unveiling Curiosity!

Akira is a 24-year old corporate slave, who is tired of living a monotonous existence and longs for a sense purpose. Akira is excited by the prospect of finally breaking free from his boring existence. The episode effectively establishes that the main character is dissatisfied with his life, and it sets up the premise of this series. It’s a refreshing approach to the zombie genre.

Zom 100 Episode I has a top-notch animation, with fluid movement and vibrant colours that bring action sequences alive. Character designs are distinct and memorable. This allows viewers to distinguish between the main character and the zombie hordes. The voice acting of each character is excellent, as the actors perfectly capture the emotions and personalities. Overall, Zom 100 Episode I is an exciting and promising beginning to the series. The viewers are left intrigued and curious to see what adventures Akira faces in this new world filled with zombies.

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Zom 100 Episode 1 - But Why Tho

It’s here. The Summer anime is here. Zom 100: The Bucket List of the Deceased Episode 1 The animation is by BUG FILMS. Kazuki Kawagoe is the director, and Hiroshi Seko is the composer.VINLAND SAGAAttack on Titan Final SeasonMob Psycho 100). Shuichiro Umeda is Akira Tendo/Akira. Tomori Kusunoki is Shizuka Mikazuki/Shizuka. Makoto Fuukawa plays Kenichiro Ruzaki/Kencho. Minami Takahashi is Beatrix Amerhauser.

The series follows Akira Tendo. He is a wage slave who has worked for the company from Hell for three years and is mentally and physically exhausted at the age of 24. Saori, the girl he dated in Accounting, doesn’t want anything to do with Akira Tendo. When life seems to be a disappointment, the zombies descend on Japan. This gives him a chance to survive. Akira is surrounded by zombie hordes and comes to a revelation that will forever alter his life. The series isn’t about survival in the zombie-apocalypse. Instead, it’s about checking off items on your bucket list and experiencing life for the first.

This premiere episode is a new series. Zom 100 Akira’s descent to wage slavery is captured in this film. He’s tied to his desk and kept there by team dinners, so he can’t leave. A dream career turns into something that kills him. Akira, a zombie even before the Zombie Apocalypse happened, is empty. Work overtime and maybe you can make it in two days. You don’t have to present us with just a broken individual. Zom 100 Episode 1. Akira is pushed into a competition with his coworkers in order to surpass the 200-hour mark of continuous work. The abusive and soul-sucking work environment in Akira is frighteningly similar.

The series does a good job of setting the scene by showing the last three work years for Akira. The world ending can be a lot of fun when your life has been so empty. BUG FILM made the right choice in extending this manga’s opening into a single 30-minute episode. The film shows Akira’s zombified past and the life he is going to live in order to avoid becoming a zombie.

There’s a moment to be had. Zom 100 Episode 1. Akira is contemplating suicide, because he would not have to go to the office tomorrow. The audience is then told that the TV background talks about how depressed you are to the point of wanting to commit suicide. Akira is shown in black and gray, illustrating his disassociation and helplessness. Although this is an overall critique of the work culture in Japan I cannot say I haven’t thought about Akira more than once over the last three years. Prices keep going up, living costs are high, and wages for my profession have never been lower.

Zom 100 Episode 1 - But Why Tho

BUG FILMS makes a clever break from the old reality by using vivid colors to represent blood. This transition is like a Pollack, and it helps sell how joyful Akira will be at the end. He doesn’t need to go to the office tomorrow. Instead of the episode being drenched with blood, the neon painting is the blood that symbolizes happiness, and not fear. Akira is able to live again because the world is colored.

Weekly anime streaming on Hulu and Crunchyroll. ZOM 100: Bucket List for the Dead It’s a great series. It captures the comedy that comes with having a broken heart in a way which never makes fun of Akira. Similar to Chainsaw Man’s Denji—and I make this comparison loosely—Akira is endearing because of how much in life he hasn’t experienced and how bad his life was to make just confessing his feelings for a girl a bucket list item.

Zom 100 – Bucket List of the dead Episode 1 The manga’s opening is perfectly adapted. For fans of Akira, the anime is essential because of the time spent on learning more about Akira and his work life as well the use of colors and animation. BUG FILMS, although the manga was great, has done a fantastic job of capturing Akira’s joy and sorrow visually. It adds an entirely new dimension to the story. The manga covers are always vibrantly colored. However, the bloody animations use the same color scheme. This keeps the series’ tone light and balanced with a grim setting. Using the action animation and scoring that are common in shonen shows makes it more interesting. Zom 100 Animation is dynamic and even more so than Aso. This premiere episode is a masterpiece. It’s clear that this anime will be among the best of the Summer Anime Season.

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Zom 100 Episode 1.



Zom 100 – Bucket List of the dead Episode 1 The manga’s opening is perfectly adapted. Fans of Akira will love the extra time it takes to learn about his work life, the color choices and animation.