Pura Luka’s unwavering support for Ama Namin drag performance is the story that captures our attention.

Pura Luka Vegas drag performance, ‘Ama Namin”, is an exploration of religion that provokes thought. Pura Luka Vega’s ‘Ama-Namin’ drag performance is a powerful and thought-provoking exploration of religion and identity. Pura, with her mesmerizing performance and stunning drag, gives a fresh perspective to this traditional prayer. She makes it more inclusive and relatable to LGBTQ+ communities.

Pura Vega’s ‘Ama Namin” drag performance is both a manifesto for self-expression and an homage to the Filipino culture. Pura’s vibrant and daring drag style grabs the audience and immerses them in a world of traditionalism that is deconstructed and reinvented. Pura’s use of this prayer, as a platform, highlights the need to create a society that is more accepting and progressive, particularly within religious communities. Her performance is an invitation to consider the intersectionality between identities, and it promotes the notion that spirituality and homosexuality are not mutually incompatible.

Photo from Pura Luka Vega's Instagram account.
Pura Luka Vea’s Instagram photo.

MANILA – Former “Drag Den Philippines” Pura Luka Vea, the contestant who performed their drag version of the prayer, stood by it. “Ama Namin” After the public criticized (Our Father), he released a statement. 

“I understand that people call my performance blasphemous, offensive or regrettable. However, they shouldn’t tell me how I practice my faith or how I do my drag,” Pura stated in a Tweet.

“That performance was not for you to begin with. It is my experience and my expression, of having been denied my rights.”

The video featured Vega dressed in religious garb, singing a version of the song “Rock Version” “Ama Namin,” The scandal has sparked a firestorm among politicians and leaders in the Catholic community. 

Pura, when asked to comment earlier, said that the performance of Jesus was not meant as a disrespect.

“I’d like to stress that my drag performance as Jesus was not meant to disrespect anyone. On the contrary, it is a drag art interpretation of worship,” Pura spoke to ABS-CBN News.

“I was very intentional of using a specific song and the symbolism to relate the queer crowd with the intersection of queerness and religion.”

Senate President Juan Miguel Zubiri urged earlier authorities to examine the performance and look for possible violations under the Revised Penal Code. 

Zubiri stated that a criminal case can be brought under Article 201 (Revised Penal Code) which punishes anyone who “offend any race or religion in the performance of obscene or indecent plays, scenes, acts or shows in theaters, fairs, or any other place.” 

Pura, a Filipino drag performer who impersonates Jesus Christ, is well known in the Philippines. She later joined the Filipino drag competition “Drag Den Philippines.”

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