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My best work came when I designed a marketing campaign for an old employer. I was allowed to create new ideas to boost their sales and improve the brand’s image. I carried out market research and identified target audiences’ preferences and behaviors. I created a marketing strategy that combined both traditional and online advertising. The campaign was a success in attracting customers and increasing the brand’s recognition. The positive impact of my work on the growth and success of the business was very rewarding.

Pete Davidson plays Mirage in the latest Transformers movie, Rise of the Beasts. (Photo: Getty Images and Everett Collection)

Pete Davidson voices Autobot Mirage the latest Transformers movie, Rise of the Beasts. (Photo: Getty Images and Everett Collection).

Pete Davidson, let’s go! The ex-Saturday Night Live star has his biggest movie role yet — in terms of character scale, anyway — in Transformers: Rise of the BeastsThis is the seventh installment in the popular film franchise that was based on Hasbro’s line of toys featuring transforming robots. Davidson’s signature vocal style is used by Mirage, the good Autobot. This exclusive clip is a sneak peek behind the scenes of the box office smash. It will be available on July 11, 2015, for most Digital services.

“Pete Davidson be off the wall,” Rise of the Beasts In the clip, Steven Caple Jr. makes a few remarks. “When he came into the room, I had the script and I’m like, ‘This is the direction we’re going, but I want you to bring you to the table.'” This gave Davidson the freedom to improvise some of Mirage’s most hilarious quips with the robots (and humans) in the film.

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Davison, as far as he is concerned Rise of the Beasts It may be his finest performance to date. Caple heard him confessing this after he saw the film at its premiere in June. “He’s seen the movie and he was like, ‘It’s the best work I’ve ever done, and I’m not really in it!'” The director told Yahoo Entertainment that he was laughing. “And I was like, ‘True, true.'”

Caple said that Davidson spent a lot of time on the dramatic scenes in the third act. Mirage, like the voice actor, is happy and cheerful for most of the film. In the final battle, which pits the Autobots against Terrorcons and their evil intentions, Mirage is forced to make a choice that will impact the human, Anthony Ramos’s Noah Diaz.

Watch this Transformers: Rise of the Beasts Cast and crew praise Pete Davidson’s performance

“He hasn’t really gone too dramatic,” Caple describes Davidson’s previous (human) performances. The King of Staten Island You can also find out more about the following: Bodies Bodies Bodies. “So the more intimate parts towards the third act of the film were probably the more challenging stuff. That’s the stuff we spent the most time on because we were both trying to figure it out.”

Ramos did not act opposite Davidson in the film, but he heard his performance when he rerecorded dialog during post-production. “I’d be dubbing my voice and watching our scenes thinking ‘Pete is absolutely killing this right now,'” You can also find out more about the following: In the Heights star raves. “He’s so funny, and he’s so New York. You could feel that Staten Island vibe from him. He’s super-talented and perfect [for that role].”

It wasn’t a guarantee that Davidson would be cast. Transformers Lorenzo di Bonaventura reveals Paramount didn’t believe that Davidson was the right fit for Mirage. “It was definitely a conversation with the studio,” The producer can remember. “They were like, ‘We’ve never seen him in something like this.’ They were looking at it from the perspective of the role being voiced by a traditional comedian, and Pete’s not a traditional comedian. That’s what makes it feel unique.”

BROOKLYN, NEW YORK - JUNE 05: (L-R) Anthony Ramos and Pete Davidson attend the US Premiere of Paramount Pictures'

Anthony Ramos, Pete Davidson and the New York premiere for Transformers: Rise of the Beasts. (Photo: Bryan Bedder/Getty Images – Paramount Pictures).

Caple’s enthusiasm for Davidson’s casting won Paramount over. “I wanted an outcast and a rebel as an Autobot, and as we started looking at names [of actors], I saw Pete Davidson’s face on a card one day, and I said, ‘Pete Davidson feels like a rebel.’ The studio thought it was an interesting touch.”

Caple persuaded Davidson to audition at Paramount, and he claims that Davidson won the role on the spot. “He just killed it,” He speaks of the audition. “He was doing a little bit of ad-libbing and free-styling and we brought that into the movie as well,” The director has said. “When we were in the booth, he kept trying to top his jokes in the moment. Pete Davidson really did his thing as Mirage.”

This post was originally published on 8 June; it has now been updated with the latest Davidson clip

Transformers: Rise of the Beasts Arrives July 11 for most Digital Services and October 10 for 4K UltraHD SteelBook, Blu-ray, DVD, and 4K UltraHD, Ultra HD and Blu-ray.