YouTube takes down Quiboloy’s SMNI News, Megachurch Channels and Megachurch Channels.

YouTube, in a shocking move, has shut down megachurches and Quiboloy’s SMNI News channels, causing a lot of controversy within the media and religious communities. YouTube stated that this decision was a result of violations of its policies, but did not elaborate on the nature of the violations. This crackdown was particularly controversial because the channels had built up a loyal following for their religious content.

The removal of Quiboloy’s SMNI News channels and megachurches from YouTube sparked a discussion about freedom of speech and YouTube’s role in monitoring content. While some believe that taking down the channels is necessary to combat misinformation or harmful religious ideologies; others see it as an infringement of religious freedom. This incident highlights the challenge that platforms like YouTube have in balancing allowing different opinions with regulating content which may be sensationalist or incite hate. This decision will have a ripple effect on the religious online landscape and force re-evaluation of policies and practices within digital media.

Metro Manila (CNN Philippines, July 7) – On Friday, YouTube accounts of the megachurch Kingdom of Jesus Christ of Pastor Apollo Quiboloy and Sonshine Media Network International of his Sonshine Media Network International were deleted.

KOJC reportedly broke YouTube’s Terms of Service while visiting the YouTube page of SMNI: “This page isn’t available. Sorry about that. Try searching for something else.”

The YouTube channel of self-proclaimed “Appointed Son of God” It also includes terminated On June 21, for violating Community Guidelines

Quiboloy is a former Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). most wanted list Since February last year, for charges of sex trafficking and fraud.

According to FBI, the controversial leader of a religious group is wanted by the FBI “alleged participation in a labor trafficking scheme that brought church members to the United States, via fraudulently obtained visas, and forced the members to solicit donations for a bogus charity, donations that actually were used to finance church operations and the lavish lifestyles of its leaders.”

His news channel SMNI meanwhile was a well-known platform for attacking and red-tagging journalists and activists who advocated human rights in the nation.

LINK: Human rights group slams SMNI’s red-tagging of journalists

Facebook also sent a warning to users who want to “like” posts by SMNI.

“This Page has shared posts that violate our Community Standards. Review posts on this Page before liking it,” The notice stated:

Last year, the Supreme Court issued a show-cause against Lorraine Badoy (one of SMNI’s news anchors), instructing her to justify why she should not be cited for contempt following her alleged threats against Manila Judge Marlo Malagar.