Archive of Our Own AO3 is NOT closing down, as a surprising revelation has been revealed.

Archive of Our Own is not closing down. Online rumors about AO3 closing down are untrue. AO3 is an archive of fanfictions that host a huge amount of content created by users from various fandoms. The Organization for Transformative Works is a nonprofit organisation dedicated to preserving, promoting and archiving fanworks.

AO3 faced financial challenges in the recent past. The OTW has been open and transparent about this issue, and has actively sought to find solutions that will ensure the sustainability of AO3. In fact, OTW frequently runs fundraising campaigns in order to cover the cost of maintaining the site and its infrastructure. AO3 has a large fandom community and is popular. This makes it unlikely that the site would suddenly shut down.

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Original story (published in February, 2023) follows.

Archive of Our Own is an open-source archive created by fans for fanfictions and other fanworks. It is known for its user-friendly interface, inclusive policies and a large library of works.

The Organization for Transformative Works has developed a platform where users can share fan works and discover them in different fandoms.

Archive of Our Own (AO3) closing down

Recently, several individuals have begun asking questions on social media platforms concerning Archive of Our Own (AO3) shutting down (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8).

AO3 Shutting Down

The rumor is stronger due to the problems that the website continues to have. outages For the last few days.

While this still continues, there are several other (1,2() have made constant efforts to end these rumors, and advised others to be cautious until the official communication has been received.

word on the street is that ao3 is shutting down???……. WHAT ABOUT THE VILLANEVE FIGS????

Ao3 shutting off is not funny, guys. I can’t go back fanfic dot com. I can’t go back wattpat. I DON’T KNOW LIFE PRIOR TO AO3. PLEASE GUYS.

AO3 announced last week that they had experienced some slowdowns. These have now been resolved. Yesterday, the company announced that it was also experiencing slowdowns. released New muting tool hides content for users you specify.

AO3 support

It is possible that the background changes may have been a part of the cause for the recent outages or interruptions that AO3 experienced.

We expect AO3 to inform its users as quickly as possible, as they did before. 2015 When the first rumors of this nature appeared.

We’ll continue to monitor the situation, and will post an update when any new developments occur.

Update 1 (March 21 2023)

11:41 am (IST): Users are once again speaking (1, 2, 3) about AO3 shutting down, however, it only seems to be a rumor. Here’s why the website is unlikely to shut down anytime soon.


Update 2 (10 July 2023)

05:29 PM (IST) Currently the AO3 Platform is unavailable. but it is due to outageThere is no official word about a shutdown.

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