Square Enix the Latest Dev to Reportedly Partner with Tencent for a Surprising Mobile Game

Final Fantasy of Square Enix is one of the longest-reigning gaming franchises in the world, spanning over a 27-year legacy. This series has given us a number of memorable titles in the past. The tactical-action MMORPG series has won the hearts of every fan.

Dawntrail, the latest expansion of Final Fantasy 14, has recently surfaced on July 2, 2024. However, there is another treat waiting for the fans of the same game, and that too on a new platform.

Square Enix Has Reportedly Linked Up with Tencent for FF 14 Mobile

Square Enix might be working on a Final Fantasy 14 mobile version.
Square Enix might be working on a Final Fantasy 14 mobile version.| Credit: Square Enix.

According to famous leaker Kurakasis in a recent post on the Exputer forum, the development company is now working on a mobile version of FF 14. The interesting part of this information is that Square Enix will be tying its hands with massively popular Chinese gaming giant Tencent, who has already made a revolution in the mobile gaming arena with PUBG Mobile.

However, both companies signed a letter of intent to form a strategic alliance in 2018. In 2021, the President of the Final Fantasy developer, Yosuke Matsuda, stated that the alliance is working on some collaborative projects, although we haven’t heard of any till now.

This alliance was meant to surface some exciting mobile games, one of which was the NieR Mobile spin-off, which was canceled in late 2023 due to the unavailability of a compelling monetization model.

Final Fantasy 14 was released in 2010. However due to immense commercial failure, the game was released for PS3 and PC in 2013. Later on, the game got lights on PS4 and macOS in 2014 and 2015, respectively.

Not only that, the game made its way to newer-gen consoles like the PS5 and Xbox One X/S in 2021 and 2024. Now it seems mobile devices are next on the line. However, there are slight chances that this game will survive on Xbox.

The Best Final Fantasy Mobile Games

This is the gameplay of Final Fantasy 15: Pocket Edition.
This is the gameplay of Final Fantasy 15: Pocket Edition. | Credit: Square Enix.

FF 14 is not the only time that the highly-hailed development company is going to bring in the mobile gaming world. There are several Final Fantasy mobile games that have made their names in the past.

Final Fantasy 15: A New Empire is one of the most popular mobile titles in this franchise. Unlike the turn-based action-adventure set-up of a typical FF series, this title is a multiplayer tower defense game.

Another mobile game of FF 15 is Final Fantasy 15: Pocket Edition. This game well and truly did justice to FF 15, as it was a complete remake of the game but for mobile phones. This title came up with new graphics, gameplay, and a concise storyline.

Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis is another mobile title of the series that recreates the entire Final Fantasy 7 compilation series into one game. In this Gacha title, you have to roll for weapons instead of characters.

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