The sensational “Sound of Freedom” brings in a mind-blowing $40 million box office haul!

The war drama has been a success despite the pandemic that is still ongoing and the challenges facing the film industry. “Sound of Freedom” The film has earned an impressive $40,000,000 at the box office. The film directed by Alejandro Monteverde starring Oscar winner Jim Caviezel tells an inspiring true story about Tim Ballard, former Homeland Security agent, who embarked upon a mission to save children from sex trade.

The success of “Sound of Freedom” The film’s success at the box-office can be attributed in part to its compelling storyline, its gripping performances and its timely subject matter. The film brings awareness and inspires action to the often-overlooked and dark world of child slavery. The film is a reminder to audiences that impactful stories that tackle important social issues can still resonate and motivate them to support films.

This summer, an independent thriller competing with blockbusters from big studios is on the rise. Sound of Freedom It has already made more than double the budget it set aside since its release Tuesday. The faith-based film directed by Alejandro Monteverde and co-written by him has earned $40 million since July 4. Insidious: The Red Door You can also find out more about the following: Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny. Sound of Freedom‘s Angel Studios, a distributor of movies, crowdfunded the marketing campaign for its film from previous investors and the general public. They even created a crowdfunding website. “Pay It Forward” People can donate movie tickets to people who cannot afford it. Angel Studios has had a number of box-office hits this year. His Only Son Fourth place was taken by Dungeons & Dragons, John Wick 4. You can also find out more about the following: Scream VI Box office revenue in April 2023. How did the studio manage to produce another film that would compete against Hollywood franchises on a holiday weekend, you may ask?

The film is based on true events and follows Tim Ballard, played by Passion of the ChristJim Caviezel), an agent of Homeland Security Investigations, who is able to catch child predators in the United States online. He rescues a boy named Miguel who was being exploited for human trafficking. However, he discovers that Miguel has a younger sister, Rocio. She is still being enslaved. He ends up in Colombia where he joins forces with the U.S. embassy, local police and the Colombian government to protect Rocio as well other children.

Bella You can also find out more about the following: Little Boy Rod Barr, a frequent collaborator of Monteverde’s, co-wrote this film. The movie was filmed between 2018 and 2020, with 20th Century Fox. However, after Disney The new distributor, Angel Studios, which created Netflix, reportedly purchased 20th Century Fox. The Chosen OneThe company acquired worldwide rights to distribute the film in March 2023The same month that it was launched its theatrical division. A few months after, the studio raised funds. $5 million The film was distributed in just two weeks with the help of investors and public support.

Angel Studios Executive Director, Angel Davis, says that while the film makes no mention of QAnon conspiracies and theories Jared Geesey Caviezel & Ballard’s connections to the group caused controversy, despite the success of the movie. The Daily Beast Caviezel addressed a QAnon conference in Oklahoma and a convention affiliated with QAnon in Las Vegas in 2021. the adrenochrome theory Discussion of the film during the panel. Ballard described the support from the group against child slavery as a mixed benefit. “Some of these theories have allowed people to open their eyes,” Ballard said, New York Times In 2020. “So now it’s our job to flood the space with real information so the facts can be shared.”