Senators raise eyebrows when ‘Ama namin’ drag show is performed

Senators are not happy with a recent drag show of the Filipino prayer “Ama Namin” The following are some examples of how to use “Our Father” Velasco Vialiano, an artist from the University of the Philippines. Drag queens recited the prayer in a religious outfit, mocking the sacredness of the prayer. Many senators expressed their disapproval. They argued that using a religious song in this manner is disrespectful and offensive, regardless of whether the artist intended it or not.

Senator Joel Villanueva was one of those who voiced their discontent. He stated that “artistic expression should not trample on existing sensitivities and should be done in moderation.” Senator Bato Dela Rosa, who also condemned the performance in question, stressed that artists should respect other people’s religious and spiritual beliefs. Many Senators feel that while freedom of speech is a fundamental human right, it shouldn’t overshadow respect for religious diversity and sensitivity.

MANILA, Philippines — Controversy stirred by a drag performance that used Catholic Mass song “Ama Namin” Pura LukaVega, an artist whose work featured a Jesus twerking, has been accused by the Senate’s leader of criminal charges.

A senator from the minority called the performance that went viral in social media. “regrettable” But warned against using the incident as a way to deny marginalized groups like LGBTQ+ their rights. 

“In my opinion, this is the height of the misuse and abuse of our freedom of expression that borders on criminal activity,” Senate President Juan Miguel Zubiri said Thursday.

He said that the performance “offends the sensibilities”It is a denigration of the Christian faith in the Philippines. “dangerously scales the boundaries of protected speech and expression.”

Zubiri asked authorities to investigate and suggested that Pura Vega might be charged under the Revised Penal Code Article 201, which punishes the offending of a race or a religion “in the performance of obscene or indecent plays, scenes, acts or shows.”

In tweets posted on Wednesday, Senator JV Ejercito claimed that the video was “blasphemy” The following are some examples of how to get started: “went overboard” while Sen. Sherwin Gatchalian warned that “this is exactly what will destroy our society.”

‘No disrespect meant’

Religion in the Philippines is a sensitive subject. Nearly 80% of Filipinos identify as Catholic, and religious leaders influence policy. Rodrigo Duterte, despite his popularity as president, received a faint rebuke by allies in Senate for his remarks about the Church and calling God “stupid” In 2018,

Gatchalian, as quoted in an Rappler story, said that at the time making negative comments about God was “unthinkable”While Sen. Joel Villanueva stated that “many individuals were offended” Duterte made comments that were deemed offensive. Villanueva said that he prayed for Duterte to be enlightened.

The Palace claimed that Duterte’s remarks were his own personal opinion. 

In a separate statement on Thursday, Sen. Risa Hontiveros said that she — as well as members of the LGBTQ+ community who identify as Catholic — personally found the drag performance regrettable.

“However, I also caution against the use of the incident to deny rights and protections to a community that has long been marginalized and excluded,” the female senator said.

“I wish for self-reflection, compassion and healing for both the religious and LGBTQIA+ communities,” She said.

Pura Vega stated in an ABS-CBN News statement that the performance was meant to not be disrespectful.

“I was very intentional [in] using a specific song and the symbolism to relate the queer crowd with the intersection of queerness and religion,” She said.

Fr. Jerome Secillano of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines-Episcopal Commission on Public Affairs said that it will not pursue legal action against Vega’s “Ama Namin” The performance was excellent despite the accusations of blasphemy.

He instead called for prudence in using elements of religion in secular performances. “If not used properly, such actions border on mockery and profanity,” He said. — Jonathan de Santos