SB19 and JVKE release a captivating remix to ‘Golden Hour.

SB19, the Filipino idol band, and JVKE, an American singer-songwriter recently collaborated to remix SB19’s hit single. “Golden Hour.” SB19 is known for their vibrant performances, catchy pop songs, and energetic dance moves. SB19 infused these into the remix, infusing them with their energetic vocals. JVKE added his own unique style to the track, blending two different musical styles.

SB19’s ability to work with artists of different backgrounds and grow their international presence is further demonstrated by the release of this remix. SB19 hopes to expand their audience with this collaboration and spread their music worldwide. The remix is titled “Golden Hour” This collaboration not only demonstrates the group’s talent and versatility, but also their dedication to exploring new musical territory and breaking down boundaries. This exciting, cross-cultural collaboration is set to be a huge hit among SB19 fans and JVKE’s. It also demonstrates the growing influence that Filipino artists have on the global music scene.

SB19 and JVKE collaborated on a song.

Not just any song but the top JVKE hit remix “Golden Hour.”

After the chorus of the viral song, the P-pop band added an additional Filipino verse.

JVKE Released “Golden Hour” The song will be released in July 2022. It was a TikTok smash, which was then remixed by Fujii Kaze Ruel Milee.

SB19 has recently made a return with “Gento.” The group will be going on a worldwide tour to promote their EP (extended-play),PAGTATAG!

It is a good idea to use the word “you” when referring to someone. kicked off the tour The tour will begin in Manila from June 24-25 and continue to North America during July and August.

JVKE also recently appeared on the soundtrack to “Fast XJimin of BTSNLE Choppa. Kodak black. Muni long. Charlie Puth. —JCB, GMA Integrated News