Ridley Scott’s Movie Trailer: Napoleon is Astonished by the Scaling of Egypt’s Pyramids

Ridley Scott’s new film, The Arrival, has a new trailer. “Napoleon,” A jaw-dropping scene is presented to the audience in which a famous actor portrays a legendary military leader who unleashes a firepower that has never been seen before. As the camera pans through the Egyptian desert, the majestic pyramids appear in the background. Napoleon orders a squadron to fire a barrage of artillery at the ancient monuments with a thunderous sound. The audience watches in amazement as the pyramids explode in a frenzy, with debris and explosions. This shows the power and audacity of the provocative hero.

The trailer’s spine-tingling moment captures Napoleon’s audacious spirit, which he used to challenge and change the world around. Ridley Scott creates a high-energy atmosphere by seamlessly blending epic action scenes with historical drama. This jaw-dropping sequence teases the audience by teasing them with the sheer spectacle and grandiosity that awaits in the captivating world “Napoleon,” The film promises a cinematic experience which will be unforgettable for audiences all over the world.

Martin Scorsese, the legendary 80-year-old movie director isn’t alone. expensive, period-piece passion project bankrolled by Apple This fall, there are several films that will be released. Ridley Scott — who celebrated his 85th birthday in 2022, and has knocked out seven feature films in the last decade — will bring his life of the French emperor Napoleon Bonaparte to theaters in November. The first trailer shows that it will have all the horse-based battles, bad accents and Radiohead trailercore that you would expect from a Ridley Scott epic.

Two things are in particular abundance. Napoleon (Joaquin Phoenix), the world’s most famous short king in history, is being snubbed by Vanessa Kirby’s Josephine.”You are just a tiny little brute that is nothing without me”). He likes it. Napoleon blowing things up with cannons is the second. First, he shoots at a mob, a riotous crowd, with his cannon. Then he blows up some warships — probably British ones, although the trailer doesn’t specify. He then shoots one of the Giza pyramids. He then shoots up an iced lake that has an enemy army on it… but hold on. Did Napoleon Shoot a Pyramid?

What is the extent of Scott’s and David Scarpa’s freedom? (Scarpa collaborated with Scott on All the Money in the World The two will be reunited on the next edition of Gladiator 2,Napoleon invaded Egypt and fought against it. a major battle within sight of the pyramids 1798. Although my Googling turned up no evidence that he shot at them with a gun, it does appear that he did visit the pyramids personally. In addition, it is reasonable to assume someone noticed that the tops of some of the pyramids were blown off in the last 225-years.

The top of one of the great pyramids explodes under cannon fire with an army ranged before it in Ridley Scott's Napoleon

Image: Sony Pictures/Apple

Going by this charming demystification Scott and Scarpa, who are based on the historical novel by Shannon Selin about Napoleon’s time spent in Egypt, confuse the Battle of the Pyramids (which was fought) with the myth that Napoleon’s soldiers shot off the Sphinx nose as target practice. Selin’s research shows that what happened during Napoleon’s visit to this wonder of the World was much less destructive and even adorably geeky. Bonaparte had some members of his party climb a Pyramid. The winner, a mathematician named Gaspard Montge, shared brandy at the top with his opponents. Napoleon then calculated that the pyramid stones could be used to construct a 10-foot-high wall around France. Monge is said to have verified this calculation. By then, he had drunk a little brandy.

This would have made a nice addition to the screen. Scott is a master of visual metaphors. In these scenes, Napoleon uses his phallic weapons not only to destroy revolutionaries, but also to attack the embodiments of history.

The color is also sickly. Napoleon On November 22, the film will be released in theaters.