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The North Shore experienced a massive influx of tourists during Taylor Swift Eras Tour, with more than 400,000 people visiting the area. The sheer size of Taylor Swift’s audience and the excitement surrounding her live shows is evident in this incredible turnout. The North Shore’s stunning waterfront views and vibrant environment provided the perfect backdrop to this spectacular event. It added to the overall experience of concert-goers.

Pittsburgh’s massive attendance also confirms its reputation as a top destination for major concerts and events. The city’s music scene is vibrant and it has been host to many high-profile performances in the past. It is testament to the North Shore’s appeal and ability to attract top-name artists that so many people travelled to see Taylor Swift perform. Overall, this weekend’s record attendance shows how Taylor Swift can influence her fans in a positive way and have a huge impact on a city’s culture and economy.

PITTSBURGH — Taylor Swift’s Pittsburgh stop on The Eras Tour brought a huge amount of Swifites to the North Shore.

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Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership reports that over 400,000 people visited the North Shore during the weekend.

Acrisure stadium and its surroundings saw 191,781 on Friday, the 16th of June and 208.866 visitors on Saturday, the 17th.

Swift broke the Acrisure Stadium attendance record with 73117 fans for her show on Saturday.

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Many people came from different areas to see the show in Pittsburgh, including Cleveland Akron, Cincinnati Buffalo Rochester New York City Philadelphia Washington D.C. Raleigh.

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There was also an increase in the number of visitors at other downtown locations. Market Square saw 15,166 visitors on Friday and 18,793 on Saturday, according to The Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership. Both days, the number of visitors was up more than 60 percent from last weekend.

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