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Optus, an Australian telecommunications firm, has signed a deal to supply high-speed internet in regional Australia with Elon Musk’s Starlink. This partnership aims at bypassing the National Broadband Network to offer faster and reliable internet connectivity in remote areas. Starlink’s satellite-based service is known as a reliable solution to areas without adequate internet access.

Optus is partnering up with Starlink to overcome NBN limitations. NBN has received criticism over its slower speeds and issues of connectivity in remote regions. Optus will be able to use Starlink’s constellation to deliver a reliable and efficient internet service in regional areas. Optus wants to close the digital divide and give remote Australians access to high-quality services such as remote work and online learning.

Telstra’s deal with Starlink will commence much earlier than Optus. It will however only cover fixed addressees.

Optus is under a cloud after the NSW Integrity Watchdog found that Gladys Berejiklian was one of their most senior executives. “serious corrupt conduct” By advancing projects in the electorate of her then-boyfriend without declaring conflict.

Ms Berejiklian continues to work for Optus even though its parent company Singtel has a übernommen. “zero tolerance” policy on corruption. The company refused to provide an update on the situation Wednesday. The company’s reputation has also been damaged after millions of personal documents and information were stolen. exposed in a cyberattack Late last year, a class-action lawsuit was filed.

Optus’s deal with Starlink puts customers’ data via a company controlled a billionaire, who flirted at conspiracy theories and complied to foreign countries’ demands for censorship on Twitter. one of his other businesses.

Lizzie O’Shea is the chairperson of Digital Rights Watch. This online group that advocates for human rights hopes the company will emphasize the importance of privacy and security. “I can understand why customers of Optus might be concerned,” She said

Matt Williams, Optus marketing chief, claimed that the company hadn’t interacted with Mr Musk directly, but he praised his work nonetheless. “incredible businesses”.

“[Starlink] is run by a group of very smart technologists, very serious business people,” Williams referred to the involvement of his company with NASA.

Optus and Starlink’s partnership poses a threat to NBN Co, because the same SIM card that is used to connect a phone to a satellite can also be used to provide home internet.

This will only be possible if there is enough capacity, as home internet usage is usually much higher than data for mobile phones.

According to ACCC statistics, standard NBN services consumed 452 gigabytes per month on average, while fixed satellite users used 189 GB, and mobile users only 14.5 GB.

Mr Williams explained that its agreement with Starlink is intended to be an innovative product targeted at mobile phone users who, he said, would not require new devices to connect to service when they leave a region with ground towers.

When asked if Optus’ agreement was exclusive, Mr Williams replied: “This is a unique experience that Optus customers will have.”

Optus coverage is limited to regional and rural Australia. Starlink’s partnership with Optus aims to improve that. Optus

He said that it would be using different SpaceX satellites than those that beam signals for Telstra’s internet play.

Optus intends to launch Starlink for text messages by the end 2024 and then expand it to voice, internet and other services towards the 2025. The company has not revealed the speed of the connections, other than that they will use the 4G last-generation system.

The Australian Competition Tribunal last month upheld a ruling The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has taken steps to stop Telstra and TPG from sharing infrastructure with each other in the bush. It was agreed that Optus would be forced to reduce its investments, which would harm competition.

Optus can now offer coverage to the roughly 60% of Australia that is devoid of towers or signals. Mr Williams denied that it would make towers less important, stating that the two are complementary and Optus will continue to invest in its regional network.

Starlink, a rocketry company owned by Mr Musk, has struggled with profitability, in part, because it is constantly replacing expensive satellites that fall out of orbit as a result of gravity. “If we succeed in not going bankrupt, then that’ll be great,” Mr Musk stated that in 2021.

Elon Musk is the CEO of Starlink creator SpaceX. He’s a volatile billionaire, who has been embroiled in numerous Twitter spats. AP

SpaceX Executive Sara Spangelo stated that the partnership would allow customers to stay connected, no matter their location. “The connectivity pairs SpaceX’s Starlink satellite constellation with Optus’ mobile network to transmit directly to mobile phones across the country,” Dr Spangelo said.

Satellite phones are expensive and clunky devices that are used by emergency services and people who live in remote locations. They are also costly to use.

In the mid-2010s, NBN spent $620 million plus much more on maintenance to purchase a pair large satellites that would provide internet in remote parts of Australia. However, they are at risk of becoming obsolete when Starlink and other competitors such as Amazon and British company OneWeb develop fleets smaller satellites on lower orbit.

The NBN asked for industry information about how to use newer technologies.

Telstra has announced a partnership with Starlink last week. Telstra can resell Starlink’s internet service to homes that install a satellite dish. The product is expected to be available by the end of this year.