North Korea’s Strong Disapproval of US Nuclear Missile Submarine’s Deployment Sparks Intense Discussion

North Korea has strongly condemned the United States decision to deploy nuclear missile submarines. Pyongyang’s foreign ministry branded the move as an “blatant provocation” That further escalates tensions already high in this region. North Korean state-run media has accused the United States for trying to maintain their military dominance, and warned about possible consequences if a submarine was used to threaten Pyongyang’s security. This development will likely strain the fragile relations between the United States and North Korea, leading to a further escalation in tensions on the Korean Peninsula.

North Korea has long been opposed to US military presence. Pyongyang denounces the deployment as a reminder to its commitment to nuclear deterrence. North Korea perceives the nuclear submarine as a threat to their security as it gives the United States the ability to strike first. North Korea wants to assert its sovereignty, consolidate domestic support, and maintain a strong deterrent in the face perceived external threats by lashing out at this move.

SEOUL: North Korea said Monday that a US spy plane violated its airspace, and it condemned Washington’s plan to deploy a missile submarine with nuclear weapons near the Korean peninsula.

The Ministry of National Defense in the North has released a statement. “provocative” The US has been conducting spy flights this month. A reconnaissance plane was seen intruding on its airspace above the East Sea. “several times.”

“There is no guarantee that such shocking accident as downing of the US Air Force strategic reconnaissance plane will not happen in the East Sea of Korea,” The spokesperson made the statement in an official Korean Central News Agency report.

The spokesperson cited incidents in the past when Pyongyang shot US planes down, and warned that America will pay for it. “frantically staged” air espionage.

The statement also criticised the planned deployment by the US of strategic nuclear assets in the Korean peninsula. “the most undisguised nuclear blackmail” North Korea posed an immediate and grave threat to the regional and global safety.

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“The present situation clearly proves that the situation of the Korean peninsula is coming closer to the threshold of nuclear conflict due to the US provocative military action,” It reads:

Washington announced in April it would send its first nuclear-powered ballistic sub to visit a South Korean harbor in decades. It did not specify the exact date.

North Korea conducted several sanctions-busting launch this year. This included testing its most powerful intercontinental missiles and attempting to place a military spy-satellite into orbit in May.

In response, the United States and South Korea increased their defense cooperation by staging joint military drills with advanced stealth aircraft and high-profile US strategic assets.