New Microsoft Rewards offers may be coming soon for Overwatch 2 gamers

Overwatch 2 remains a very popular free-to-play game for Blizzard Entertainment. Since October 2023, Overwatch 2, and indeed all of Blizzard”s games, have been owned by Microsoft with the acquisition of Activision Blizzard for nearly $69 billion.

Now there”s a big hint that members of the Microsoft Rewards program are about to get some kind of special offer or benefit if they play Overwatch 2. In a message posted on Friday on the Microsoft Bing Dev X account, it states Overwatch 2 players should start saving their Microsoft Rewards points. because something really big is coming that”s related to the game and the rewards program.

There”s no word on what this collaboration is going to be, nor when exactly it will be revealed. Our purely speculative guess is that you might be able to convert Microsoft Points for in-game Overwatch 2 in-game items and cosmetics, but we could be way off the mark,

This teaser announcement from Microsoft was revealed the same day after an unconfirmed report that says Amazon Prime Gaming is ending a long-standing program with Blizzard that offered Amazon Prime members access to exclusive Overwatch 2 content.

Prime Gaming Rewards for #Overwatch2 discontinued 💙

Amazon has chosen not to renew several of their promotions, and with no upcoming rewards listed on the website, we don”t expect to see any more free skins with Prime.

Constable Tracer was intended to be the last.

— Overwatch Cavalry (@OWCavalry) July 5, 2024

The Overwatch Cavalry X account claims, via unnamed sources, that “Amazon has chosen not to renew several of their promotions.” That apparently includes its previous Overwatch 2 skins. The post adds that the last of these skins will be the Constable Tracer. We will have to see if this teased Microsoft Rewards program for the game might replace this previous deal with Amazon.