Mga batang nangunguha ng kuhol para pang-ulam, nalunod sa palaisdaan

– Two children who were trying to harvest some snails drowned

– According to the report of GMA Regional TV One North Central Luzon, they were gathering snails, which they would be eating for their meals

– The two kids were aged 8 and 14 and were relatives

– They accidentally veered towards the deep part of the pond, which, according to the man who helped rescue the kids, was also a muddy area

Two kids, both girls aged 8 and 14 drowned in a fishing pond in Batac City, Ilocos Norte, while scavenging for snails to be used for their meals, a report by GMA Regional TV One North Central Luzon revealed.

Mga batang nangunguha ng kuhol para pang-ulam, nalunod sa palaisdaan
Screengrab from the video posted by GMA Regional TV One North Central Luzon on YouTube (@GMARegionalTV)
Source: Youtube

The girls, based on the investigation by the police, were looking for snails, which they would use for their meals.

Both of the girls were related to each other.

According to Lieutenant Colonel Adrian Gayuchan, chief of Batac City Police, the girls went to the deeper part of the pond, slipped and both do not know how to swim.

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“Talagang pumunta sila doon para manguha ng mga kuhol. Nadulas yung dalawang bata hindi naman marunong lumangoy,” he said.

Posts, such as photos or videos, that arouse the interest of netizens would often go viral on social media. These viral posts appeal to the emotions of netizens, and in rare cases, such could also happen to ordinary people.

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