Maureen Wroblewitz, umalma sa pag-deny ni Shay Mitchell ng dugong Pinoy

– Maureen Wroblewitz took to TikTok and called out Shay Mitchell

– The Canadian-born actress was doing her show “Thirst with Shay Mitchell” and it was where she denied her Filipino roots

– She said that her father is Irish and that her mother is Spanish, when in fact her mother is pure Filipina

– Maureen then expressed disbelief that Shay did that and started narrating how she grew up loving her Filipino ethnicity

Maureen Wroblewitz took to TikTok and called out Shay Mitchell after the latter denied her Filipino roots during her show, “Thirst With Shay Mitchell.”

Maureen and Shay
Photo: @mauwrob | @shaymitchell
Source: Instagram

The Canadian-born actress said that her father is Irish and that her mother is Spanish.

This did not sit well with Maureen and expressed her thoughts about it.

“I am watching Thirst With Shay Mitchell and she just said that her father is Irish and her mother is Spanish? Girl, I thought you were a Filipino! What?”

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“Maybe I’m privileged to have never been picked on for being Filipino..”

“I grew up in Saudi with people from all over the globe and when I was in Germany, I was the only Asian in my class.”

“Most people in my school had never heard of the Philippines but I would be so proud to educate them.”

“Maybe I was lucky that my classmates were actually pretty curious and open to learning.”

Here is the full video of Maureen.

Maureen Wroblewitz is a Filipino-German model who gained prominence after winning the 2017 edition of “Asia’s Next Top Model.” She used to be in a relationship with popular music artist Juan Karlos Labajo until their breakup mid-year in 2022.

In another report, the beauty queen and model shared a TikTok video where she dubbed the lyrics of Miley Cyrus’ song ‘Flowers’. According to Maureen, she is in the healing stage from the trauma of her previous relationship. She said, that in a relationship that is open to the public, many don’t know what’s really going on. She also clarified in the comments section that the focus of her video is on her experience and not on her ex.

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Previously, she took to Instagram and greeted an unnamed person. She said happy birthday to the person who makes her feel like she is the luckiest girl in the world. The beauty queen also pointed out the great traits of the said person. She also said that the person’s gentle love teaches her how she can love herself more every day.

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