Margot Robbie, America Ferrera and Nicki Minaj were left speechless as they fangirled in awe over OG Barbie Nicki Minaj during the premiere of the iconic Barbie film. Take a look at their excitement!

Margot Robertbie and America Ferrera couldn’t control their excitement when they saw the OG Barbie Nicki Minaj at the Barbie movie premier. Margot Robert, who is known for both her acting talent and her stunning beauty, was spotted chatting animatedly to Nicki Minaj. It was clear that she was in awe. Robbie, a veteran actress who has played many iconic characters, could not help but show her admiration for Minaj, a musician and rapper with a groundbreaking career. Both actresses exchanged compliments and laughed, showing a bond of respect and admiration between them.

America Ferrera is also known for her strong performances in television and film. She was seen gushing at the premiere about Nicki Minaj. Ferrera, who is known for her activism in Hollywood and her fight for representation, could not contain her excitement when she had a heartfelt chat with Minaj. They discussed the importance and impact of diverse representation within the entertainment industry on young girls’ self-esteem. Their admiration for Minaj and their advocacy for inclusion made for an inspiring moment. They reminded everyone about the powerful influence that celebrities can have on promoting positive changes.

Barbie The time for a new era has arrived and we do not mean Margot Robbie. It’s OK, then, that actor It is a good idea to use a bilingual translator Robbie was a fan of the original Barbie doll, Greta Gerwig’s film. Nicki Minaj, Los Angeles will host its world premiere on Saturday, July 9.

Robbie and her co-star America Ferrera were More information about the product Minaj was a welcome sight on the red carpet. Minaj’s music is a drill version, updated, of Aqua’s “Barbie Girl” The following are some examples of how to use rapper Ice Spice You can call them “Barbie World,” is one of the standout tracks of the movie’s soundtrack — and, according to President Barbie Issa Rae, the film’s end credits song.

Margot Robertbie and Nicki Mika at the premiere Barbie On July 9, L.A.

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Margot Robertbie and Nicki Mika at the premiere Barbie On July 9, L.A.

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Margot Robbie Posing with the star on the carpet, and even fixed her hair At one point, “That was iconic. I’m dying. I’m going to have to take a minute later to be like, ‘I actually got a picture with Nicki Minaj. That’s amazing,'” Robbie told Variety After meeting Minaj.

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Ferrera and Minaj are both arriving at the same time interrupted an in-progress interview, And the actor’s exuberance was contagious. “OH, IS THAT NICKI MINAJ?” The actor shouted when he saw who was causing all the chaos on the carpet. She then screamed before laughing at the mic. “I can’t believe I just did that on-camera. That was so embarrassing.”

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“Her track on this album is unbelievable,” Ferrera continued, singing Minaj’s praises. “How could you take a track that already was so ingrained in people’s minds as one thing and make it the most amazing thing that we need for this movie and this moment? She’s a badass… I’m saying nightly prayers to every woman who is out there being who they are unapologetically. I feel like she’s one of them. You gotta love Nicki.”