Mall bazaar promotes thriving cultural ecosystem

Exaggeration aside, I walked into the Kurî-Kurî Craft Bazaar. Twenty-two vendor stalls each offered something unique to mall-goers, transforming the mall into a premier destination for artistic expression. The bazaar ran from June 3 to 8, 2024.

Exhibiting brands included Doodles, Happily Handmade Co., OBJX, Tezukuri PH, Shop NOA, Studio Mikee, Paperbag Art, Shop Leia, Tapestry Ellen, Botones, Besshie, Lourdes Tura, Noodleheads, Hands2Hugs, Hinablon sa Cebu, Eshie’s Crochet Corner, GG Series, Pealise Craft, Happi Yarn, Fabuloops, Panagway by Gem Branzuela and Creations by Jojo Martinez. The collaboration between Martinez and Branzuela’s stalls was also notable, where customers could enjoy a styling session and photoshoot, with prints provided as keepsakes.