Luka Doncic’s Jaw Dropping Workout Video Could Make You Believe That You Have NBA Potential

Luka Doncic’s video workout showcasing his abilities and dedication to the sport will undoubtedly inspire and awe viewers. The video showcases his amazing ball-handling, pinpoint passes, and exceptional range of shooting, which all contribute to his professional basketball success. When watching Doncic perform complex moves and displaying his basketball IQ it’s hard to not be enthralled.

It’s important to keep in mind that Doncic’s talents and skills are the result of his years of dedication and hard work. His success as an NBA player is not the result of a single gym session. It’s the culmination countless hours of working out in the gym. The video may make viewers think they could play in the NBA for a moment, but it is a reminder of the dedication, sacrifice and rare combination between talent and athleticism required to reach such a high level. Doncic’s workout video will inspire basketball players of all levels to work harder and emulate his dedication.

Luka Doncic

Getty Image/ Tim Heitman

The NFL season is upon us. NBA Share their workout videos via social media.

Usually, they’re impressiveThe one Luka Donic shared, however, is getting a very different kind of response.

Dallas Mavericks’ star, Derrick Rose, showed off his abilities running the cone drill. This is a great exercise to improve your conditioning. This is especially true if you are a basketball player.

It is always impressive to see an NBA player do the cone-drill, since they are able move from cone to cone so quickly.

Luka Doncic looked extremely slow in his video workout. See for yourself in the clip below.

What is Doncic? 6’7″ and like 230 pounds? You’ll be slower at the cone drill if you are bigger. It’s easy to see why Luka Docic struggles with this exercise.

He is a point guard in the top level of basketball.

You’d expect him to be moving faster than he does in the video. Doncic’s cone-drill was a hit with sports fans.

This could be the best plan to motivate Luka Donac during his workout.

The Mavericks’ star is an incredible machine.

Who needs athleticism if you can rely on the fundamentals?

There are also those who defend Doncic.

Luka Dnic is a great basketball player, and everyone knows it. It’s hilarious to see NBA superstars look pedestrian for 12 second.

Doncic is ready to go for the new season, which starts in just a few short months.

Maybe he will improve his cone drill speed before then.