Link to the Past Map Replica


  • Gamer receives a 3D-printed Zelda: A Link to the Past map as a gift.
  • The detailed map impresses fans, with some wanting one for themselves.
  • Users share ideas on how to use the 3D print, like for board games or Dungeons and Dragons.

A gamer’s father has given them an incredible gift in the form of a Zelda: A Link to the Past 3D map. The map was created with a 3D printer and serves as a great way to highlight many fans’ favorite SNES-era Zelda game.

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past has been a popular entry in the franchise since its release back in 1991, and the return to its world and an extension of its story in A Link Between Worlds only solidified this status over a decade later. The overworld map is one that most fans will strongly remember, and this 3D print replicates its top-down view nicely.


Man Arrested for Carrying Master Sword in Public

A 48-year-old man faces four months in prison after being caught with a miniature replica of The Master Sword from The Legend of Zelda in public.

Reddit user That_Guy_Reddits shared their recent gift from their father with fellow Zelda fans, and the creation is impressing players. The Zelda overworld map has been created in simplified detail but is accurate to the map seen in the game. The style is similar to a raised relief map, with details like Death Mountain and The Tower of Hera standing higher than areas like Hyrule Castle. The map is surrounded by a black border with a little Triforce, completing the charming creation.

Other Zelda fans have been quick to express how impressed they are with the creation. Most of the responses were in awe of how cool the gamer’s dad is for doing something like this for them. A few also mentioned that they wanted one for themselves. Those with a 3D printer are in luck, as user Black3ternity shared a link where fans can download the files to print out a version all their own. Others shared ideas on how the 3D print could be used, other than simply displaying it. One fan thought about using it as the base of a board game, while another suggested using it to play Dungeons and Dragons with. While the OP didn’t express how they intend to use it or if it will simply be put on display, it seems a lot of players are envious of both the 3D printed Link to the Past map and having a dad that appreciates gaming this way.

Zelda Maps Have Changed

Although the 3D print is a simplified version of the Link to the Past map, one of the things that stands out looking at it is how miniscule the map is in comparison to more modern Zelda games. To be fair, both A Link to the Past and A Link Between Worlds featured alternate versions of the standard Hyrule overworld to explore as well, essentially doubling the explorable area. Games like Ocarina of Time and the massive Breath of the Wild still dwarf the older games’ maps, though, and it’s been interesting to see how the world of Hyrule has evolved through the years and following major disasters.