Lakers’ Fascinating plan to expand the big position with the 14th roster spot – Is Christian Wood missing?

Christian Wood may be the ideal candidate for Los Angeles Lakers to add to their roster. The Lakers hope that Wood will bring a fresh perspective to their frontcourt with the final 14th roster spot. Wood’s versatility, athleticism, and ability to play multiple positions make him an attractive option for a team looking to diversify its big position. He can not only rebound and protect the rim, but also stretch the court and make outside shots. It would be a great benefit to the Lakers offense as it would allow LeBron and Anthony Davis more space in the paint.

Wood’s potential as a target for the Lakers is not surprising, given his breakout season as a Detroit Piston. In just 61 matches, Wood showed his potential to be a legit scoring threat. He averaged 13.1 points and 6.9 rebounds. He became a free agent after his impressive performances attracted a lot attention. Wood’s interest shows the Lakers commitment to constantly improving their roster. They are looking for players who can make a difference in many aspects of basketball. It could be a game changer for them if they sign him.

It is important to note that the word “you” means “you”. Los Angeles Lakers They have managed to balance competing interests this offseason. Rob Pelinka said that his goal was to bring the core of last year’s team back, with new contracts. D’Angelo Russell, Austin Reaves The following are some examples of how to get started: Rui HachimuraHe has done that. The Western Conference sweep by the Denver Nuggets The Lakers must also make improvements if they hope to take the next step in winning their 18th title. It’s here Gabe Vincent, Taurean Prince, Jaxson Hayes The following are some examples of how to get started: Cam Reddish Come on in. 

The Lakers’ summer moves have been praised after two consecutive offseasons that were a whirlwind of turmoil. They have improved their game without giving up what helped them reach the Western Conference finals. It doesn’t, however, mean that the Lakers are done. Currently, the Lakers are under contract with 13 players for next season. There have been reports that the Lakers intend to sign a fourteenth player, but not a fifteenth. The Lakers will have more flexibility to make trades or buyouts if they keep one spot empty.

Pelinka, who spoke to the Las Vegas media on Sunday, confirmed all reports that the Lakers intend to use this slot for another backup big man. The Lakers do not just want to find a big man. They are looking for a specific kind of big man. “I think dimensional-izing the skills at that position would be important,” Pelinka said. “So we don’t want to sign someone who replicates the skills that Jaxson Hayes has. So, if we can diversify the big position and have different looks, that would be good.”

Pelinka has said that Hayes will serve in a similar role to Dwight Howard “Big body, rim-protector, active roller” are all things we want in that stretch. This would suggest that he’s looking for a big man to fill his last roster position. There are few of them left on the market. NBA players. There is only one center free agent left who made at least 13 three-pointers in total last season. Christian Wood.

Wood is one of the most controversial players in basketball. In the last three years, Wood averaged 18.1 points and 8.9 rebounds, and he made 313 of 821 3-point shots, or over 38%. It’s possible that his 3-point shooting is not even his best offensive ability. The Mavericks Wood was the roller for pick-and roll plays last season and scored 1.44 points on 100 possessions. In such situations, the Lakers averaged 1.28 points for every 100 possessions. Anthony Davis Last season. Luka Doncic Wood’s incredible pick-and roll efficiency is due to the Lakers. LeBron JamesOne of the best pick-and roll players in NBA History.

James’ presence probably makes the Lakers an attractive destination for Wood given his apparent situation. Marc Stein has reported He has only been paid interest on the minimum wage. James has made the Lakers a haven of veterans looking for paydays. Malik Monk The Lakers will be joining in summer 2021. He signed a $19-million deal with the Kings 2022 Dennis Schroder Last season, Schroder returned to the Lakers with a minimum deal after infamously refusing an $84 million contract extension in 2021. Schroder’s second Lakers tenure was a success, as he landed a $26million contract with the team. Raptors This summer. Wood may be a backup for Davis, but it is worth noting that Davis missed on average 28 games per season since joining the Lakers. There will be chances for spot starts.

There are many reasons why Wood’s interest has been so low across the league. Wood’s defense has been an issue for years, and this is what prevented Mavericks Coach (and former Lakers Assistant) Jason Kidd to trust Wood with a significant role in the Mavericks last season. Wood is 6-9, which makes him too small to play the traditional role of rim protector. Theoretically, he could compensate for this with a wingspan of 7-3, but his thin frame, inconsistency and ball-watching have made him a poor defensive center. Wood has the athletic ability to be a power forward in defense. However, that position requires a higher level of attention to detail. Wood can cover a lot of ground but he hasn’t been able fit in a team defense structure.

He hasn’t had the best history either. For instance, 2022. Rockets John Lucas III, assistant to the coach, called out several players in the Houston locker room at halftime during a game with the Denver Nuggets. Wood was one of them and reportedly refused a sub for the second period. The Athletic’s Shams Charania.

He’s not played in a functioning, normal organization. Kidd didn’t trust him last season, and in February the Mavericks traded a large chunk of their roster to secure his services. Kyrie Irving. Wood played just a handful games for the Houston Rockets in each of his two previous seasons. James Harden He was one of the NBA’s most aggressive tankers before he got traded to the Rockets. He has played seven different teams. NBA teamsOnly one of these finished above.500, the 2018-19 Milwaukee BucksHe played 13 games for the Bucks. A Bucks assistant coach? Darvin Ham.

James has been successful with a number of players who raised red-flags before joining his squad. The right culture can make a world of difference for a player. Even if it’s not the best fit, the minimum salary contract has a low bar. Wood’s defensive shortcomings would likely be problematic in a postseason setting, but the Lakers did not even use a back-up center. Hayes could easily take over more minutes if they were to abandon this position. The regular-season innings eaters are a dangerous bet on large contracts but extremely valuable ones. This would be a low risk, high reward addition.

The options available to both sides are not particularly appealing. The Lakers might target players like Frank Kaminsky You can also find out more about Meyers Leonard Wood and Johnson have been spacers for years, but neither has contributed significantly to a winning squad. Wood has already been passed over for several minimum landing spots, with Golden State preferring to keep Wood. Dario Saric Phoenix landing its veteran backup large man Bol Bol. Wood is available at this price to a few teams who still have some of their mid-level allowance left. However, none has shown any interest. 

There is only one team that offers the same combination: minutes, fitness, winning, and a market to be desired. Miami HeatThe current trade of. Damian Lillard Last season they largely gave up the power forward role. Heat are less likely to take a risk on culture-fit questions than Lakers, but it’s not impossible. It’s possible that a resolution to the Lillard issue could take several months. It is dangerous to wait that long. The Lakers may eventually decide to move on.

There are few options on the July free agent market. Wood and the Lakers don’t have many options. The Lakers want a player to play as a backup and possibly with Davis. Wood has to figure out a way of resetting his market price, since no suitors are willing to offer him more than what is required. This is the point of the offseason where neither party could have asked for a more perfect fit.