Kai Sotto is benched in a shocking twist during the Orlando Magic Summer League game

Kai Sotto was benched for the entire game of Orlando Magic Summer League, and did not even play one minute. Fans and supporters of Sotto are disappointed by this situation. It has led to speculation as to the reason behind Sotto’s lack of playing time. Although the details are unclear, it’s possible that the coaching team wanted to evaluate other players on their roster or that Sotto was still getting used to the level competition in the summer league.

Kai Sotto’s Did Not Play (DNP) is noteworthy because of all the anticipation that surrounded his participation in this development league. Sotto’s impressive height of 7 feet 2 inches has attracted attention because of his outstanding skillset, and the potential he holds to be the first Filipino born player in the NBA. It is only natural for fans to hope that Sotto will show off his skills on the basketball court, given his physical attributes and talent. The summer league provides players with the opportunity to learn and grow. However, coaches may restrict players’ playing time as they try out different lineups and evaluate their players in different situations.

KAI Sotto Dressed but not fielded Orlando in the Magic’s NBA Summer League debut against the Detroit Pistons at the Thomas & Mack Center in Las Vegas on Sunday.

You can also find out more about the following: 7-3 center It was a DNP (coach’s choice) for the game. The Magic had 10 players, led by Anthony Black and Jett Howard.

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Some Filipinos showed up at the venue in Las Vegas hoping to watch Sotto. They chanted, “Put Kai In” as the game progressed.

In the early hours on Sunday, ‘Kai Sotto became a popular topic on Twitter.

NBA official: Both teams played 10 players but both sides only had 10 players. SPIN.ph There are no restrictions. This means that coaches can field any player on the Summer League roster, at any time.

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Harris led Magic with 21 goals. Black, who was the 6th pick in the draft, added 17 points and five assists with seven turnovers while Howard finished with eight. Black, the No.

James Wiseman led the Pistons, who were acquired by the team from the Golden State Warriors through a trade made in the offseason.

The former No. The former No.

The Magic still have four games left in Summer League. They will play the Indiana Pacers Tuesday morning (8:30 am, Manila time).