Kai Sotto, NBA Summer League teammates and you are in for a surprise: Unleash Your Ultimate Potential With Intense Speed & Precision

Kai Sotto is a highly-regarded Filipino basketballer who has received invaluable advice from his NBA Summer League teammates. They encouraged him to play fast, hard and right. Sotto’s impressive height of 7’2″ could make him a powerful force in basketball. In order to succeed in the NBA, Sotto’s teammates want him to be as aggressive and focused on the court as possible. Sotto, with his size and skillset has the potential to dominate the game. His teammates have encouraged him to channel all his energy into the game and play at maximum intensity.

Sotto’s teammates also stressed the importance of playing fast. The NBA is a fast-paced league, so agility and rapid decision-making skills are essential. They advised Sotto that he should improve his speed and his ability to respond quickly, in order to not only keep up with the pace but also capitalize on any opportunities that arise. By playing fast, players can take advantage of defensive gaps to create scoring opportunities for them and their teammates. Sotto will become a dynamic and successful player if he incorporates this advice into his game.

The advice provided by Sotto’s NBA Summer League team mates to play fast, hard and right was invaluable. It is a great reminder that in order to succeed in the NBA you must be able to play fast, with a relentless effort and make good decisions. Sotto has the ability to be a basketball star in the future as he continues to develop his skills and gains experience. He will be more prepared for the challenges of the professional basketball world with the help and advice from his teammates.

JERSEY CITY, New Jersey – Orlando Magic Summer League coach Dylan Murphy sent a strong message to Kai Sotto and the rest of the squad before their first game tips off Saturday night (Sunday morning, Manila time). 

“Just playing hard and fast for us. And I think the last thing, just know you’re representing ourselves, yourselves and the Orlando Magic organization. So, carrying yourself the right way, playing the right way [and] maintaining a positive attitude throughout the whole thing,” Murphy said of his message after their team’s final practice Friday in Las Vegas (Saturday Manila Time). 

Sotto’s time has come to reckon with himself. 

The 7-foot-3 Sotto will be thrown into the fire right in his first game as he goes up against the Detroit Pistons’ twin towers — 7-foot-center James Wiseman and 6-foot-11 Jalen Duren. 

Wiseman was the No. 2 overall pick in the 2020 NBA Draft. Duren, who was selected 11th overall last year, made up the NBA All-Rookie Second team during his rookie year. Wiseman is the No. 2 pick overall in the 2020 NBA Draft. Duren was the 11th pick overall last year and made the NBA All-Rookie second team. 

Wiseman had a strong season after arriving in Detroit through a trade with his former team, the Golden State Warriors. The Pistons’ 22-year old big man averaged 12.7 points and 8.4 rebounds. In 24 games he had six double-doubles. 

Duren, who is 19 years old, played 61 games in his rookie year, starting 31 of them. He averaged 9.1 points, 8.99 rebounds, and 1.1 assist. 

They will serve as a litmus for Sotto. He played in Australia and Japan, after being undrafted at the draft last year. 

Murphy, who is also the new head coach of Oscalea Magic (the team’s G League affiliate), is as excited for the Summer League debuts of his rookie players, Sotto as well as their lottery-selected Anthony Black and Jett Howard. 

“They’ve earned this opportunity,” Murphy said “All the work they’ve done up until this point, they’ve had a great attitude, energy, willing learners, very coachable. Kind of how [Magic president Jeff Weltman] and [Magic head coach Jamahl Mosley] have talked about — just great young men that have high IQ and want to do things the right way. So, I’m really excited for them to have this chance to finally get back to playing some five-on-five.”

Sotto’s last appearance in Japan’s B. League. He got a taste of NBA in October, when his former NBL Adelaide 36ers team played two exhibition matches against the Oklahoma City Thunder & Phoenix Suns. 

Sotto was able to hold his own with Suns center DeandreAyton, 2018’s No. 1 pick. He had 11 points, including a 3-pointer. In 18 minutes, he added two rebounds as well as one assist to help the Suns lose 134-124. 

Sotto must bring the fire in order to impress the Magic, and the other 29 teams who have scouts or executives at the Summer League. 

Magic Summer League Schedule 


July 10 vs. Indiana 8:30 p.m. (July 11 8:30 a.m. Manila time) NBA TV



Fifth game TBD (to determine)


Alder Almo was a senior sportswriter at Philstar.com NBA.com Philippines. He now lives in Jersey City, New Jersey and writes for Heavy.com, a website based out of New York.