Jennifer Garner Will Make a Surprising Return as Elektra In ‘Deadpool 3″ After Nearly Two Decades

Jennifer Garner will make her highly anticipated return to Marvel Cinematic Universe when she reprises the role of Elektra in ‘Deadpool 3″. Garner’s last assassin role was almost 20 years ago, and her fans are thrilled at the prospect of her return. Garner, known for her athleticism and captivating performances, brought Elektra to life with her complex portrayal and fierce combat skills. The chemistry between Garner and Ryan Reynolds (who plays Deadpool) was evident in their previous collaboration. This makes her return even more exciting.

Garner’s reprise of Elektra’s role in “Deadpool 3″ shows her popularity and her strength of performance. Audiences eagerly awaited her return to the iconic red costume, where she effortlessly embodied the persona as the vengeful killer with her impeccable acting. Garner’s undeniable talent, dedication and passion for her craft will bring a new dynamic to the character. Her return to Marvel is a testament of her enduring appeal and will leave fans excited and eagerly awaiting the release ‘Deadpool 3”.

Jennifer Garner’s fans can celebrate with glee as she has been named the “Elektra” Star will reprise her role of the Marvel assassin.

The “Alias″ actress, 51, will be revisiting the role in the third installment of “Deadpool,” The Hollywood Reporter says that it will be in cinemas next year. It could be another example of Marvel using the multiverse. Garner played the part for Fox properties.

Garner first appeared as Elektra in 2003′s “Daredevil,” alongside then-future husband Ben Affleck in the titular role. Garner’s character later got her own spinoff with the headlining role in 2005′s “Elektra,” though the film was ultimately not a critical or commercial success.

Now, fans are excited to see Garner get a bit of redemption after nearly 20 years.

Not only is the part of Elektra familiar territory for the actress, but so too is working with “Deadpool “himself Ryan Reynolds Shawn Levy co-wrote this script with the director.

Reynolds, 46 years old, was a star in Netflix’s sci-fi drama last year “The Adam Project,” Levy was the director of this film. Garner played the young version Adam’s mother in this film about time travellers.