On July 12, Maynilad will begin a 11-hour disruption of water that will leave customers in disbelief!

Maynilad’s customers in some areas can expect an 11-hour long water interruption starting on July 12. The interruption is a part of Maynilad’s pipeline lowering, which aims at improving the water distribution system. Although the interruption will cause inconvenience for customers, it’s essential to the sustainability and efficiency of the water supply in the affected area. Maynilad assures customers that water tankers will be deployed to affected areas during the interruption to minimize the inconvenience to their customers and ensure the availability water for essential purposes.

Maynilad is committed to improving their infrastructure and services. The project lowering the pipeline represents this commitment. Maynilad’s goal is to improve water services for their customers by upgrading and modernizing its distribution system. Although the temporary interruption of water may be a challenge, it is an important step in improving the reliability and efficiency water supply. This will ultimately benefit the entire community. Maynilad asks for their customers’ cooperation and understanding during this period. The end result will be an efficient and resilient water distribution network.

MANILA, (PIA) – Water utility Maynilad on Monday advised its customers in six Metro Manila cities that they would experience daily water service interruption beginning July 12, 2023, due to a decrease in the water level at Angat Dam.

“Starting July 12, 2023, our customers in portions of Caloocan, Malabon, Manila, Navotas, Quezon City and Valenzuela will have daily water service interruptions as the raw water allocation for MWSS has been brought down to 48 CMS (cubic meters per second) due to the elevation of Angat Dam falling below its minimum operating level of 180 meters,” Maynilad posted a message on social media.

It said that water will be cut off in certain areas from 7 pm to 4 am the next day.

PAGASA Hydromet Division, Monday 10th July, recorded another fall in the water level of Angat Dam. According to the data collected at 6 am, today’s water level is 179.23 meters, down from 179.56 meter recorded on Sunday. Angat Dam’s normal operating level is 180 meters.

However, Maynilad said that since they are still getting rains over the Ipo watershed,the  it is likely that these daily service interruptions may not be immediately felt by July 12.

It said that water was generated by various projects to augment supply. “the actual duration of these service interruptions may be shorter than projected.”

Maynilad advised customers affected to prepare for the time when water will not be available by storing sufficient water. They recommended storing water in covered, clean containers.

The notice also cautioned that some discoloration may occur in the water supply after the resumption. “This is a normal consequence of service interruptions, as the returning supply scours the naturally occurring mineral deposits inside the pipelines.”

When this happens, let the water flow out briefly until it clears but use the initial flow of water for non-drinking purposes, such as for flushing toilets, to avoid wastage. In case needed, our mobile water tankers are on standby ready to deliver potable water,” It was said.

“As we strive to stretch available supplies and generate more water to mitigate the impact of El Niño, we call on all water consumers to do their share in the conservation effort by using water responsibly,” It added.

The Metropolitan Waterworks and Sewerage System Regulatory Office is responsible for monitoring and regulating Maynilad.