You’ll be amazed at the ‘Eras Tour’ parties that Taylor Swift is bringing to Denver

Taylor Swift’s ‘Eras Tour’ parties in Denver were some of the best events of 2018. Mile High City was a buzz with energy as Swift and her fans arrived. Fans waited in long lines outside the Pepsi Center to get into the much-anticipated party. The Pepsi Center was transformed to a colorful and mesmerizing place, with each era representing Taylor Swift’s career represented by the decor.

Swift’s progression as an artist was celebrated at the parties, which were themed around her country roots and her rise to pop stardom. Fashion choices were also diverse. Some fans wore cowboy hats to celebrate Swift’s country roots, while others chose statement outfits inspired from her bold pop albums. Swift’s music provided a soundtrack of excitement and unity. The ‘Eras Tour” parties in Denver were unforgettable, with an electrifying show, stunning visual effects and a crowd singing along to each word.

Taylor Swift will be performing at Empower Field in Mile High, Denver.

DENVER — Swifties will have plenty of opportunities to party before Taylor Swift comes to town next week with two concerts at Empower Field at Mile High.

Taylor Swift brings her to the forefront wildly popular “The Eras Tour” Denver, Colorado on Saturday, July 15 and Friday, July 14. In 2018, she played her last show at Empower Field in Mile High. “Reputation” Stadium tour.

Since the launch “The Eras Tour” Swift brought her tour across the United States in March. The concert sold out stadiums and parking lots. Hotel rooms were filled. Local economies were also boosted. Swift will end a series of U.S. concert dates in Los Angeles in August, before moving abroad in 2024.

This list of Taylor Swift-related events in Denver will help you plan your trip to her concerts, and then enjoy the parties that follow. 

Taylor Swift Silent Disco

  • When: July 8, 8-10 p.m.
  • McGregor Square
  • Price: $30

“… Ready For It? Taylor Swift Silent Disco” Two DJs will be spinning songs from each Taylor era. Come dressed as your favorite era, dance the night away in the massive McGregor Square outdoor plaza and enjoy two Taylor-inspired cocktails – Lavender Haze and Champagne Problems. All night, Taylor Swift music videos are projected on a 66-foot LED display. This event is for 21+.

  • When: 9 pm, Wednesday July 13
  • Bluebird Theater

Taylor Fest is a party for SwiftiesSwifties is a game where everyone plays the lead character. Dancing to Taylor Swift from all eras is a great way to spend the evening. Ages 16+.

  • When: Noon on July 14 until 7 p.m. on July 15.
  • Union Station

The Terminal Bar patio The Tay-Gate will feature food and beverage specials, a rhinestone face artist, and Link x Lou, who can help you level up your game of friendship bracelets. Win prizes by entering the best-dressed competition.

  • When: From 2 to 6pm on July 14th and 15th
  • The Maven Hotel 1850 Wazee St.
  • Price: $10

Denver artist Makeup by Peaches The Taylor Swift Red Lipstick or a splash of color and glitter will be available to fans. There are time slots available from 2 to 6 pm each day. Registration is required in advance.

  • When: Before, During and After the Concerts
  • 1740 Federal Boulevard

This festival-style event will include food and beverages and an array of booths to captivate your inner Swiftie – including a bracelet booth and merchandise vendors. Taylor Swift’s music videos will be shown on the big screen while a DJ plays her hits. Pose for photos with friends.

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