Former USA Gymnastics Doctor Larry Nassar Stabbed Multiple Times in Prison—What Led to This Shocking Turn of Events?

Larry Nassar’s crimes shocked the world. Nassar, a despicable man beyond words, sexually abused young girls for more than two decades under the pretense of medical treatment. The horrific betrayal left permanent scars on the victims’ lives and exposed systemic failures at USA Gymnastics, Michigan State University and USA Gymnastics, where Nassar worked. Nassar’s crimes have finally been brought to light, and he has received a sentence of effective life imprisonment. However, this does not change the trauma his victims have suffered. Nassar was stabbed 10 times in prison, raising serious concerns for his safety as well as the ability of prisons to protect their inmates.

The stabbing that Larry Nassar received in prison shows the disgust and anger society feels towards him. Nassar continues to be a target while incarcerated by those who know of his vile acts. Even though violence can never be justified, the incident shows the level of damage Nassar caused and the emotional pain he inflicted to his victims. This incident also raises serious questions about how well the prison system protects high-profile prisoners like Nassar. The incident is a stark reminder about the seriousness of Nassar’s crimes. It also highlights the urgent need to maintain vigilance in the fight against sexual abuse, as well as the systematic failures that have been made by the prison system to protect vulnerable people.

(CNN) — According to two sources, Larry Nassar, a former USA Gymnastics doctor who was convicted in 2013 of sexually abusing children under the pretext of medical treatment was assaulted at a federal jail in Florida.

Joe Rojas, president of the local correction officers’ union, told CNN Nassar was stabbed a total of 10 times – twice in the neck, twice in the back, and six times in the chest. Rojas says that Nassar was saved by the corrections officers who were on scene. Rojas reports Nassar to be in stable condition.

Nassar is serving a sentence of 60 years for child pornography federal charges.

According to a report from the Bureau of Prisons “on Sunday, July 9, 2023, at approximately 2:35 pm, an inmate was assaulted at the United States Penitentiary (USP) Coleman II, in Sumterville, Florida. Responding staff immediately initiated life-saving measures. Staff requested Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and life-saving efforts continued.”

The statement states that an internal investigation is being conducted into the incident. A source confirmed that the inmate was Nassar. He was taken to hospital for treatment.

Authorities have not released any additional information about the attack.

Nassar received a federal prison term in addition to a Michigan state prison sentence of up to 175 prison years after more than 150 girls and women testified that he sexually assaulted them in the courtroom over the last two decades.

Nassar, a medical doctor in Ingham county in Michigan, pleaded guilty on seven counts of criminal conduct. He admitted using his position of trust to assault and molester girls under the pretense of medical treatment.

In total, 156 women made victim impact statements at court. They described how they had gone to Nassar for treatment of sports injuries and were sexually assaulted.

When women spoke out about Nassar, the US Olympic Committee, Michigan State University (where Nassar was team doctor) and USA Gymnastics ignored them or ignored their concerns.

In 2021 the victims of Nassar settled for $380 million with USA Gymnastics and their insurers.

The settlement was part the USA Gymnastics plan for exiting bankruptcy, as the organization has been struggling to recover after the Nassar affair.

The Associated Press broke the story first.