Experts claim that wine made from soursop does not have proven effectiveness in treating cancer

Experts say that at this time, there is not enough evidence to prove that wine made from soursop can be used in cancer treatment. Although soursop fruits contain compounds such as annonaceous-acetogenins that may have anticancer properties, they cannot be translated directly into human treatments. The safety and efficacy of soursop wine for treating cancer has not been proven through rigorous clinical trials.

Experts emphasize that it is important to rely on treatments that are scientifically proven. Cancer is complex and requires evidence-based management. Patients must consult with healthcare professionals, and adhere to established treatment regimens. These may include radiation therapy, chemotherapy or immunotherapy depending on the specific diagnosis. It is important to be cautious when claiming that soursop or its derivatives are guaranteed cancer treatments until there is credible scientific evidence.

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The Philippines’ false social media ads for a wine made from soursop, a tropical fruit, have been refuted by doctors. Food and Drug Administration of the archipelago also confirmed to AFP that this product had not been tested and was not safe as of 13 July.

Images of bottles “Doc Atoie’s Finest Guyabano Wine” It is a good idea to use shared on Facebook The 8th of February is a day to celebrate.

Tagalog caption of the post: “Guyabano Wine 750ML. Helps dissolve or prevent tumours from growing. Helps treat or prevent cancer from worsening.”

Guyabano” is the name of a tropical fruit with an oval shape that’s green.

Screenshot of a false post taken July 10, 2023

The same product is also advertised on Facebook You can also find out more about the following: TikTok A similar claim can be made.

Bangladesh has also seen the spread of posts that claim soursop can be used to treat cancer. here You can also find out more about the following: here.

Some users have expressed an interest in buying the product.

“How much is it?” a user asked.

“I would like to order 25 bottles please,” Another comment

‘Marketing ploy’

Cancer experts have told AFP, however, that there is not enough evidence to suggest soursop and products derived from it can treat cancer or dissolve tumours.

Dr Meredith Garcia-TrinidadOncologist Dr. Villaflor at the Dagupan Doctors Villaflor Memorial Hospital located in Pangasinan (a province to the north of the Philippines) said any soursop product advertised as a treatment for cancer is not true. “marketing ploy” (archived link).

Soursop “in any form is not medically approved for the treatment or prevention of cancer,” She spoke to AFP July 6, “It doesn’t really matter whatever the product formulation or brand. The efficacy and safety of such products are questionable.”

According to some laboratory studies, soursop has cancer-fighting properties. Jenna ShermanProgram manager at Meedan’s Digital Health Lab, which conducts research into health misinformation.archived link).

“All this being said, we do not have enough data from studies on humans to fully support these claims,” She spoke to AFP on 13 July. “The same is true for any type of extract, juices, or wines made from soursop.”

Dr Warren BacorroAn oncologist with the University of Santo Tomas Hospital told AFP separately that patients who are interested in taking supplements containing purported anti-cancer properties can do so. “anticancer properties” Consult your doctor first before using these products. “interfere with the effectiveness of the treatment or enhance its side effects” (archived link).

“Curative cancer treatment adheres to well-defined paradigms and regimens, based on rigorous clinical trials. These differ according to tumour type and stage,” He said July 1,

You can also find out more about the following: previously told AFP The scientifically proven treatments of cancer and tumours include radiotherapy, chemotherapy and hormonotherapy.

FDA Warning

The Philippine FDA has previously warned consumers Avoid purchasing Doc Atoie’s Finest Guyabano on November 6, 2019.archived link).

It said that the product’s quality and safety could not be guaranteed because it had not been evaluated by the agency.

A representative from the FDA Food Safety Unit confirmed to AFP that the wine was previously registered as a product that is not a drug, but it expired in 2022.

“No renewal of application as of today,” On July 7, the representative said:

The FDA added that consumers should check to see if a product is registered or not with the FDA. “to ensure legitimacy and safety”.

Keyword search on the agency’s website database of approved food No results were returned for Doc Atoie Finest Guyabano Wine on July 13 (archived link).

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