EU Epic Games Store gains approval from Apple

Apple has approved the Epic Games Store for iPad and iPhone in the EU, according to a Reuters report.

Epic Games Store is a third-party platform, a form of an alternative app marketplace in the EU. Epic mentioned that Apple had not allowed the platform several times, with the Cupertino-based company saying that ‘in-app purchase’ labels and ‘install’ buttons were similar to what Apple had for the App Store. Epic commented that the rejection was ‘arbitrary, obstructive, and in violation of the Digital Markets Act and that they will be submitting a report to the EU. With that, Apple relented and finally approved the submission to allow Epic Games Store for iOS.

EU Epic Games

The alternative app marketplace is only allowed in the EU at the moment due to a passed regulation. Both companies have been embroiled in a legal battle due to the closed App Store ecosystem and how it was restrictive.