Emmy Nominations: Unexpected Snubs & Exciting Surprises

The Emmy nominations of 2023 included a variety of surprises, snubs as well as excitement. Both fans and experts in the industry were left buzzing from both excitement and frustration. One of the most notable snubs was for a critically acclaimed series of dramas that had captured audiences and received rave reviews right from the start. Even though the show was widely expected to be nominated for major awards, it failed to do so, leaving many people scratching their heads, wondering how a masterpiece such as this could not be recognized. The show’s loyal fan base was hurt, but the snub also showed the competitiveness and unpredictability of the Emmy race.

On the other side, there were a few surprises in the nominations, as several underdog series and breakout performances earned their well-deserved positions. The nominations also revealed a few surprises, including a comedy show that was largely overlooked but captivated audiences with its clever writing and stellar ensemble cast. Fans and critics celebrated the show’s unexpected nominations, as they recognized its unique voice and contributions to television. These unexpected nominations have not only given a new lease of life to the Emmy nominations, but they also serve as a reminder about the diversity and wealth of talent in the industry.

The nominations announced on Wednesday for the 75th Annual Emmy AwardsThe awards were announced in advance of the actual ceremony on September 18, despite the labor disputes. “Succession,” “The Last of Us” The following are some examples of how to get started: “The White Lotus.”

The big news is, as always, the disappointments and surprises that made fans furious.

Learn more about the nominations that surprised TV lovers. The awards show will be broadcasted live on FOX at 8 pm ET. Learn more about the surprising nominations on FOX. Check out the full list of nominations. here.

SURPRISE: The second season of “The Bear” What if the show we’re watching, and especially Jamie Lee Curtis, who gives the performance of her lifetime in episode 6 isn’t eligible for Emmys next year — I repeat NOT this year –? Bummer, right? We still have 13 nominations from season 1 to celebrate. Yes, chef, indeed.

PHOTO: Berzatto (Jeremy Allen White) on season 2 of "The Bear," 2023.

Berzatto on season 2 “The Bear,” 2023.


SNUB: Steve Martin was removed from the list of nominees for a lead actor in a Comedy Series for “Only Murders in the Building,” Joining Selena Gomez and her costars in the losers circle. Emmy is a scumbag.

PHOTO: Steve Martin in a scene from "Only Murders in the Building."

Steve Martin as a character from “Only Murders in the Building.”


SURPRISE: Brian Cox, Jeremy Strong, and Kieran culkin of “Succession” Three actors from the same drama series are up for the Emmy award for outstanding lead actor. This is the first time that three actors have been nominated in the lead actor category at the same time.

PHOTO: Kieran Culkin, Jeremy Strong and Brian Cox are shown in a scene from "Succession."

Kier Culkin is shown with Jeremy Strong, Brian Cox and a scene taken from “Succession.”


SNUB: “Bad Sisters” It lost the bid for comedy series, despite its deliciously witty jab at a husband who was abusive and deserved it.

PHOTO: A scene for the TV show "Bad Sisters."

A scene from the TV show “Bad Sisters.”


SURPRISE: Newcomer “Jury Duty,” The nomination for the comedy series was given to a mockumentary based on courtroom services, over shows that were more likely to be nominated, such as “Shrinking.” Do you like it when this happens?

PHOTO: A scene from "Jury Duty."

Scene from “Jury Duty.”

Prime Video

SNUB: “Poker Face” It is a great new comedy. Emmy did not include the series in this category, but allowed it to be included elsewhere. “Ted Lasso” Its third season is a flop. Ugh!

PHOTO: Natasha Lyonne is shown in "Poker Face."

Natasha Lyonne in “Poker Face.”


SURPRISE: Emmy is accused of being slow to recognize new talent. Not this year. Jessica Chastain was one of 38 performers who were nominated for the first time in all categories.”George & Tammy”), Elizabeth Debicki (“The Crown”Riley Keough”Daisy Jones & The Six”), James Marsden (“Jury Duty”), Aubrey Plaza (“The White Lotus”), Daniel Radcliffe (“Weird: The Al Yankovic Story”), Bella Ramsey (“The Last of Us”), Alan Ruck (“Succession”), Jason Segel (“Shrinking”), and Jeremy Allen White (“The Bear”). It’s worth cheering. Make your bets.

SNUB: “Happy Valley: The Final Season” It was the last opportunity Emmy had for this British crime drama, and its brilliant star Sarah Lancashire. Emmy instead buried their head in the ground.

SNUB: Harrison Ford was not rewarded for his Emmy-winning dramatic performance in “1923” His comic expertise is in “Shrinking.” Emmy, do you have something against 80-yearolds? Helen Mirren (77), Ford’s co-star, was also silent.

Helen Mirren and Harrison Ford in the Paramount movie, “1923.”

Helen Mirren and Harrison Ford in the Paramount movie, “1923.”


SURPRISE: I never imagined Emmy would react to subversive comedy. “Beef.” I am astonished and thrilled by the nominations of outstanding limited series, especially its incandescent stars Ali Wong and Steven Yeun.

PHOTO: Steven Yeun as Danny in episode 101 of Beef.

Steven Yeun as Danny, in Beef episode 101.

Andrew Cooper/Netflix

SNUB: “Yellowstone,” Kevin Costner, the star of TV’s most successful cable series and all four seasons, have not received a single Emmy nomination. While I’m here, can anyone explain to me how Kelly Reilly – who plays the Dutton’s daughter Beth in the series – has also been left out? This snub will not be well received by Time.

PHOTO: Kevin Costner in a scene from "Yellowstone."

Kevin Costner as Kevin in a scene “Yellowstone.”


SURPRISE: The Latino actor Pedro Pascal received three Emmy nominations as a result of his role in “The Last of Us,” As a guest actor for a comedy series, I am also a host. “SNL” CNN’s narrator is a superb narrator “Patagonia: Life on the Edge of the World.” It couldn’t have happened to a deserving talent.

SNUB: Elizabeth Olsen received rave reviews for her role as an axe-murderer in “Love & Death,” It’s possible that Emmy voters haven’t watched or read her series. It’s their fault. Olsen was a great player.

PHOTO: Elizabeth Olsen in a scene from "Love & Death."

Elizabeth Olsen as Elizabeth Olsen from “Love & Death.”


SNUB: Amazon’s “The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power” It was expected that — the most expensive television series ever made — would score high in drama series for writing, directing and performing. Emmy decided to give HBO’s Drama Series a nod. “House of the Dragon.”

PHOTO: Cast members ride horses in a scene from "The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power."

Cast members riding horses in a Scene from “The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power.”

Matt Grace/Prime Video

SURPRISE: Jenna Ortega of “Wednesday” The comedy series that Ortega was nominated for had the second-youngest lead actress. Ortega is 20 and only three years younger than Patty Duke. She was nominated in the same category for her sitcom of the same name. “The Patty Duke Show” In 1964, she was 17 years old.

PHOTO: Jenna Ortega as Wednesday Addams pictured with Thing in a still from the show "Wednesday."

Jenna Ortega in the role of Wednesday Addams with Thing, as seen in a show still “Wednesday.”


SNUB: Imelda Stanton leaves empty-handed at the Emmys “The Crown.” Emmy voters don’t recognize a queen?

SNUB: Quinta for Comedy Writing for “Abbott Elementary” She was only the second Black woman in history to win this award. She is not present this year. Please explain.