Dwight Ramos is confident about his health and dismisses any injury concerns: “Feeling Great”

Dwight Ramos is the star player of the Ateneo Blue Eagles Basketball team. He has reassured fans that he feels good and is not worried about his injury. Ramos sprained his ankle during a training session, which caused some concern among fans. Despite this, Ramos remains confident in his own recovery. Ramos stated in a recent interview that he was determined to recover quickly from his injury and contribute to the success of his team. Ramos’ positive attitude and devotion to his sport have won him fans who are eagerly awaiting his return.

Ramos, despite his setback, believes that it will not affect his performance in future games. Ramos has been following a strict rehabilitation regimen and actively participating in rehab under the supervision of his team’s doctors. Ramos’s confidence in his comeback is not surprising, given his dedication and determination as well as his talent and skill. It is his reassurance that gives both his team-mates and fans a boost as they eagerly anticipate his triumphant return.

Gilas Pilipinas swingman Dwight Ramos watches the PVL Invitational Conference game between F2 Logistics and Choco Mucho on July 11, 2023 at the PhilSports Arena. PVL Media
Dwight Ramos, Gilas Pilipinas’ swingman, watches the PVL invitational conference game between F2 Logistics vs Choco Mucho at the PhilSports arena on July 11, 2023. PVL Media

MANILA – Before Gilas Pilipinas resumes their training for the upcoming 2023 FIBA World Cup, Dwight Ramos shed some light on the team’s experience from their recently concluded Europe training camp.

“It was good,” Ramos made the statement while appearing on PVL at the match between F2 and Choco Mucho.

“The teams [that we competed against] over there were a lot of what we were looking for. They played this certain way to prepare us, tested our basics, and our fundamentals,” He said.

The Filipino hoopers won three of their six games and lost the other three during their time abroad. Gilas’ winger, standing at 6 feet 4, said these games gave them a better understanding of what they should do moving forward.

“From that, we just learned what we need to improve on in these practices before we go to China for some more tuneup games,” Ramos explained.

Ramos was injured in his lower leg while training. He played just three minutes 41 seconds against Lithuania.

Ramos said that, while an official diagnoses has yet to be made, he believes that the injury he sustained is not serious.

“I’m actually not sure yet. Something happened during the game but I got my tests last night and I’m trying to get the results then I’ll know for sure,” He said.

“But I’m feeling good. I don’t think it’s anything serious. Whatever it is, I’m sure I’ll be alright.”

Gilas can breathe a sigh of relieve, at least for the moment. Scottie Thomson is another key player who has been injured.

Levanga Hokkaido’s guard said he is excited for the World Cup to come and can’t wait to step on court to play against the world’s best ballers.

“Super excited,” said Ramos. “I got a countdown on my phone and every day we’re getting closer, I’m getting more and more excited. It’s hard to even sleep at night thinking about it.”