Jordan Poole is featured in these stunning photos taken by the Wizards.

Recent social media posts of Jordan Poole’s uniform have caused a frenzy among basketball fans. These stunning photos show Poole’s dedication to the game. The young player looks confident and composed, with the attitude of true wizards on the court. These photos show Poole’s determination and poise, from the way he holds his ball to his determined eyes.

Jordan Poole’s future is exciting for us as fans. As we anticipate his next move, the wizards’ posting of these photos has sparked an excitement and support. Poole’s uniform is a symbol of his team affiliation and commitment to taking his basketball skills to the next stage. These photos serve as a constant reminder that Poole is a force in the world of basketball. He has the potential to achieve incredible feats in his career.

Jordan Poole has officially been a Washington Wizard

The team confirmed the acquisition of Poole as well as Ryan Rollins, Patrick Baldwin Jr. and Chris Paul on Thursday. 

“Jordan is an exciting young player with championship experience and a dynamic skillset,” Will Dawkins is the Wizards’ General Manager. “He improves every year because of his strong work ethic, a trait that will carry over with us and help him establish a leadership role on the team.” 

The photos of the former Warrior were released on Friday. They gave fans a chance to see him in his team’s gear. 

Poole had a career high average of 20.4 point and 4.5 assist per game, while playing all 82 games for the Warriors.  

Poole, a 2022 NBA Champion Warriors player, contributed 17,0 points and 3,8 assists in 22 games of playoffs.  

In the 2019 NBA Draft, the Warriors selected him as the 28th player overall.

Poole will be working with the likes of Kyle Kuzma and Bilal Coulibaly as well as the newly acquired Tyus Jones to form a new team for the Wizards when they take to the court next year.

See photos of Jordan Poole as a Wizards player below. 

Photo by Monumental Sports